Work Bitch!

All through my twenties I stayed slim. All while eating whatever the hell I fancied. I snacked on chocolate bars every day, drank coke like it was water and obsessed over junk food. McDonald’s was basically my kitchen back then. 

Bloody hell, I was lucky! I had a great time! 

But from the moment I hit 30, it all went downhill. No longer could I fit into my size 6 clothes and I started to look pregnant on a daily basis. My mum told me that she seemed to put on more weight when she hit 30 as well. Mum’s always right, huh? I guess I should have took her warning and prepared better.

I realised that something needed to change. NOW!

Right now I am about as fit as a slug. Actually…….no, slugs manage to drag themselves around don’t they? Great, I am worse than a slug. Normally when I decide to “get fit and healthy” (at the start of January as a resolution, anyone?) I focus on dieting and it lasts all of a few weeks.

This time, I am going to focus on my fitness first. Cardio and strength training. 

On the rare occasion that I DO do any exercise, I am usually filled with this beautiful feeling of utter achievement (I believe its called endorphins?) and eating healthier naturally seems to follow. I mean, I don’t want to undo all the hard work I have just done, do I? Whereas the other way around? No way! I am usually utterly miserable after just eating a salad and certainly don’t want to follow that disappointing meal with an hour of utterly unbearable exercise. Sod that!

So I joined the gym the other day in an attempt to get fit and lose weight. *rounds of applause* 

If you have read my previous post you will already know how I intend to work towards this goal. 

Baby steps.

Slowly wins the race.

So my goal is one exercise class per week

That’s right, just one! 

And to make it even more embarrassing, it’s Aqua Aerobics. 

I bet you are laughing at the thought right now but it is all about the baby steps, remember! So I shall start there and see how I get along. If I said I was joining the gym to go 5 times a week I would most certainly be kidding myself!.

I have a plan! 

(Oh, I love me a plan)

The plan is to go to one exercise class per week for a whole month to get into the swing of things and then add to it. Slowly

I started this week and I was the youngest person in the pool by about 30 years. I was also clearly the most unfit. Cringe. But I loved it and totally felt like Lara Croft when I got out of the pool.

So yes, I am still a slug, but I am making progress. And that makes me fitter than I was last week. 

Fancy joining me? Decide on just one SMALL thing, wack it in your diary and DO IT! EVERY WEEK! NO EXCUSES! Prioritise it. 

Share what you get up to in the comments below or on Instagram (UserName: I would love to know what small changes you are making.


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