TopShop New Collection 2019 – Rock’N’Roll

Throughout the last 2 years I have honestly felt that the fashion on the high street has been absolutely vile. This has done wonders for my bank balance as I just haven’t seen ANYTHING I would like to buy in shops. This probably HASN’T done a great deal of good for my waistline as I have spent those extra pennies on McDonalds and (due to not buying new clothes) I haven’t noticed my clothes size steadily rise! Ouch.

HOWEVER, I am very glad to say that the fashion on the high street seems to be making a turn away from the ultra high-waisted trousers, mum jeans and ugly crop tops and back to good old Rock n Roll. 

Hence the flash diet from me.

TopShop have particularly impressed this year with a whole section of grungy, metallic, sexiness and I am seriously considering kitting out my wardrobe for the festive season. 

I know the edgy, rock style isn’t for everyone, but from grungy over-sized jumpers, beautiful flowing maxi skirts, metallic prints and band tees, there is bound to be something for everyone.

I have included a few of the pieces I got super excited about in this collage below.

Feel free to hit me up Santa! *wink wink*

(By the way – I am well aware that this Pintrest Picture is beyond crap. But I am a total newbie to all this and I am still learning. So here is me, in my imperfect ‘do it anyway’ state! Hopefully I can look back on this and laugh about it some day!)

1. IDOL Iron Maiden T-Shirt by And Finally £25

2. Freedom Snake Choker £25

3. Red Tartan Check Mini Skirt £22 

4. Purple Velvet Mini Wrap Skirt £35

5. Glitter Eyeshadow in Amaze £10

6. Silver Metallic Thread Built Up Ruched Dress £25

7. Charcoal Grey Knitted Stripe Crew Neck Jumper £32

8. Teal Knitted Space Dye Jumper £39

9. HALO Black Chain Hobo Bag £23.20

10. Corduroy Buckle Mini Dress £39

11. IDOL Black Dodet Checkerboard Mini Slippy Dress £15 SALE

What have you been eyeing up in the store lately?

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