The Things I Learnt In 2019

Well, here we are. It is that time of the year again where everyone is posting the same things on Social Media about their “fresh new starts” and about how 2019 SUCKED but 2020 is going to be their year, and New Year Resolutions blah blah blah. 

Who am I trying to kid? I am NO different.


It’s better than reading about Politics anyway. Christ, Social Media turned into a right bully’s playground didn’t it? I stayed way out of that one. 

But not this bandwagon. I am riding this one out with pride. 

These are The Things I Learnt In 2019

The Things I Learnt In 2019

1. Positive Thinking WORKS (but it isn’t easy)

Positive thinking really does pay off. It’s amazing the things you can change in your life when you change your mindset, but it isn’t easy. Like most things in life, it takes practice. Sometimes worry is all we do and it really does take over your life and make everything shit along with it. But if you can change your mindset into a positive one – it changes everything. You see everything in a different light, you ENJOY your current reality and you manifest your biggest dreams. 

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2. Social Media Will Destroy You, If You Allow it

Social Media might have its perks, and its absolutely essential to having a successful business these days, but it really is a killer. ALL anybody will ever post on social media is their highlight reel. You will see exactly what they WANT you to see to ensure that you perceive them in the exact way they want to be perceived in. The problem with this? We all believe what we see and get sucked into this fake marketing world. We compare our own lives to what we see on Instagram or FaceBook and think our own lives are shit in comparison. Of COURSE we think this – we are only seeing the filtered, edited versions of them. Come on – NOBODY has eyelashes that long in real life like the new SnapChat filters would have you believe. Take what you see online with a pinch of salt people – don’t let it bring you down! 

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3. It’s OK to feel stressed sometimes

We can’t feel perfectly zen all the time. It’s not natural and it probably wouldn’t motivate us to get much done in life. It’s OK to feel down or stressed every now and then, even if everything in life is going well. When we allow ourselves to feel stressed, it feels great when we come through the other side stronger than before. 

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4. Fancy Seasonal Coffee is the BEST THING IN THE WORLD

Seriously. I am a hopeless addict and I don’t ever want to be cured. The more cream, syrup and sprinkles…the better.

5. Life Goes On – Problems Will Pass And Things WILL Get Better

This piece of advice may be very difficult to digest in the midst of a life problem, impossible even. But it really is true and the best advice to remind yourself on during difficult times. You need to keep on going, no matter what. This situation will pass eventually and things WILL get better, spending extra time worrying about the situation is just worsening it. Life is too short to worry. Push through the pain and keep up with healthy habits and you will come out smiling. I promise. You are an amazing person and life will work with you, if you allow it. 

Here is a brilliant song to sing along with whenever you are feeling this way.

6. No Matter How You Feel, Get Up, DRESS UP And Show Up

Ok, so I have totally stolen that quote and we all know it, but it is SO TRUE. Throughout this year 2019, if I have felt crappy, insecure or anxious I have not bothered with my physical appearance at all. And what does that lead to? Feeling MORE crappy, insecure and anxious. If I make the time every day to make up my face a little, put on some lipstick and and an outfit that doesn’t make me feel like a slug, I usually end up feeling pretty amazing! I notice that people talk to me more, and that improves my mood. I look in the mirror and feel better about myself and my confidence to do the things I want to do in life assists me. 

You might not feel like it when the alarm goes off on a cold dark morning, but TRUST ME, you will have a much better day if you make that effort to dress up. 

Oh, and bright nail polish instantly makes you look cool. As do eyeliner and grungy boots!! Male or female! 😛

7. Getting Healthy Is More Important The Older You Get

I fondly remember the days when I used to eat McDonalds every day, stay up late and still manage to function the next day on 4 hours sleep. I would party most weekends and consume a hell of a lot of alcohol despite my pint sized frame with little to no hangover. *sigh* Those were the days, huh? But the older you get, the less your body tolerates that lifestyle and if you ignore your body’s signals, boy, do you regret it. 

But not only that, it’s important to remember that we only get one body to live out this life. If our health fails due to our own neglect, it’s our own fault. The problems that follow will severely affect your quality of life. We should make a daily commitment to keeping healthy habits and keeping ourselves well. We don’t want to regret it when its too late.

“Take care of your body, its the only place you have to live” –

John Rohn

8. Life Organisation = Happiness. Fact

Well ok, it’s a fact if you’re me. But I am guessing anybody reading this is like me too, so I am sticking with it.

I always seem to have a lot of things going on in my life so it is essential that I keep life very organised to avoid a build up of stress. If I let this slip, things would fall through the cracks and my life would be a total shambles. 

If you are anything like me, you probably love to be organised (or love the thought of an organised life) as it is a total life saver.

If you want to make sure 2020 is more organised I will be sharing loads of tips through the blog.

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9. Fear Will Only Ever Hold You Back

Most of my life has been spent living in fear. Until recently. I feared upsetting people and letting people down. I feared the unknown and so chickened out of it, even if it was something I REALLY wanted to do. I feared going to new places, standing up for myself. Hell, I allow Spiders to ruin my ENTIRE Autumn through stupid fear.

Once I realised this and decided I wanted to change, I started FORCING myself to face my fears. To feel the fear and do it anyway. I changed my phone wallpaper to show this quote and looked at it EVERY time I feared something. 

And what did I learn?

The more you just DO something you are fearful of, the less control it has over you. It’s NEVER as bad as you make it out to be in your mind and your confidence grows with every step you take.

So take that step. (Unless it involves spiders – those buggers still control my life!)

10. Life Is Too Short For SHIT Hair. Seriously.

I learned my lesson this year. In 2020 my hair will ROCK

What important advice did you learn in 2019? I would love to know!! Drop me a comment below or email me at


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