The Law Of Attraction – How To Raise Your Vibration (To Manifest Your Dreams)

Today I want to talk about the law of attraction.

Don’t know what the law of attraction is?

If you are totally new to the law of attraction, I highly recommend you start with this documentary below.

It’s basically that you become your thoughts – what you think about – you attract. 

There are 3 simple rules to follow for the law of attraction to work:

Ask, believe, receive.

There is a whole science to the law of attraction that I am not very good at explaining – so the documentary will do that for you, but the gist of it is that what you believe – you receive.

You create your own reality.

So whatever you think about, positive or negative, you get.  Whatever you emit to the Universe, you will receive. 

And that all depends on your vibration.

If you have a high vibration in life you can attract those things quickly and with ease. 

If you have negative vibrations in your life, you will be “blocked” and manifesting anything will be a struggle. 

So basically, your energy vibrates to the Universe and the higher your energy and vibration, the higher your chances of attracting those things into your life. 

So I am going to give you guys my top 11 tips to increase your vibration and increase your chances to manifest your dreams.

1. Be In The Present Moment

I talk about this on my blog a lot, and it is something I struggle with myself on a daily basis. But with continued work, I am getting better. 

I HONESTLY believe that if you are not paying attention to your present moments, the Universe is not listening to us. Every single self help book I read desperately tries to drum this into us and for all the right reasons. 

You need to be present and pay attention for the law of attraction to work.

It can be difficult to know how to do this and I really struggled with the concept for awhile. But really, all you need to do is take the time to be more aware each day. Notice things that are happening around you instead of just drowning in your own thoughts of the past or the future.

If you find your mind getting distracted and going back to past thoughts or ‘busy’ thoughts such as, “oh I must do this and that” – just notice them (or brain dump them) and move on. 

Many of us spend WAY too much time stuck in the past. Maybe you are holding onto a grudge with someone or constantly beat yourself up for something in your past? Whatever it is, it’s not good for you. When you find yourself in this place, notice the thoughts, release them and move onto observing your present life.

When you are totally aware of where you are right NOW, it will naturally increase your vibration, which will increase your chances of attracting what you seek.

Accept where you are today and TRUST that although you are not where you want to be right now, you are exactly where you are supposed to be and you WILL manifest your dreams.

2. Meditation & Exercise

Meditation and exercise are excellent ways to help bring you back to the present moment. 

When I first started practicing meditation, I was utterly TERRIBLE at it. I found it so frustrating because I just couldn’t STOP the thoughts from running rapid around my mind while I was trying to focus on my breathing. I found it so difficult that I gave up entirely for years, genuinely feeling disheartened that I couldn’t achieve that state of calm that I knew would be so beneficial to me.

But just like anything, practice makes perfect. Once I started forcing myself to meditate for 3 minutes every morning, I started to notice the rewards and I could increase the time I spent in meditation. 

There are so many free guided meditations on YouTube. You can find them to aid with pretty much anything – anxiety, stress, positivity, motivation, depression. Anything!! Start with just 3 minutes and day – it won’t fail to get rid of any negativity you feel and will pull you straight back to the present. 

Here is a super simple Meditation to get you started:

And if meditation really isn’t your thing (it’s not for everyone), exercise is a GREAT way to stay present. If you are exercising hard you are usually only focusing on your current effort and determination. When I am plugging away on that bike at Spin class I am NOT thinking about Customers I need to call the next day! More like, “holy hell this hurts!!” 

Try one of these as a daily practice and I promise you, it will raise your vibration in no time. 

3. Gratitude

I wrote a post on gratitude recently which is worth a read if you wanted more details on how to practice gratitude daily. 

Why is gratitude important in raising your vibration? 

Keep in mind that the Law Of Attraction is all about attracting like for like.  If you are not extremely grateful for everything you ALREADY have in your life, the changes are you will be thinking negative thoughts about it and wishing you had it different. And so what will that attract? More of the same – more dissatisfaction, more wishing and no results. Crap, huh?


You are jealous of someone because they have more money than you? Negative thought + Ungrateful behavior = Low Vibration = Continue to attract less money than others. 

You are still living at home and resent that you can’t afford a place of your own yet? Negative thought + Ungrateful behavior = Low Vibration = Being unable to change your circumstances. 

You think people ignore you when you text them and then convince yourself it is because they don’t like you and that nobody likes to talk to you? Negative thought + self damaging belief = Low Vibration = Your texts remain unanswered and you continue to feel unworthy. 

You hate your job with a passion, don’t think you are valued and complain about it day in, day out? Negative thought + Ungrateful behavior = Low Vibration = Stay stuck in the sucky job. 

You seem while you constantly think thoughts like:

“I don’t have”

“I can never have”

“I can’t afford”

“I won’t ever get”

You will get exactly that.

These negative thoughts will keep you in a state of low vibration and will cause you to attract more of the same. Miserable. 

On the other hand, if you are grateful for what you already have in your life and you feel excited for what you are YET to attract into your life, you are on the right path to manifesting your dreams into reality. 

Kindness is a trait that ties in with gratitude. If you are making a conscious effort to do kind gestures and emit kind thoughts into the world, you will also aid in raising your vibration. 

As a total relating example, if you are running a little late for work or an appointment and a driver cuts you up, you may start to feel angry or feel the need to shout obscenities at them. But if you do this, you are allowing the negativity of that situation to not only lower your vibration but also to continue to attract MORE negativity into your entire day. You might get to work and then spill coffee all over your desk before finding out you are in trouble with the boss something AND you left your wallet at home so you can’t buy any lunch. Minute by minute your day will get worse and worse because you are ALLOWING it to. 

“ You are directing your life with your thoughts – and the universe is listening. “

Dharma Rocks

So change your thought pattern. Be kind. Let people pass in the car, etc. Whatever you emit into the universe will come back to you, so make sure you fill yourself with grateful, kind energy. 

Instead of thinking negative thoughts, be grateful for what you have and where you are right now because if you do so, those things that you want, you are going to get.

4. Get Into Nature

I don’t know about you, but whenever I spend any time in nature, I just feel SO connected. All the thoughts that usually plague my mind just seem to drift away and leave me present and grounded.

I no longer feel ANY negativity, only happy, pleasant feelings.

When you are in nature, you are in the REAL world, not the fake “man made” world we are forced to spend time in. There are no buildings, pollution, technology, signal (sometimes a blessing, sometimes a curse) or news etc. There is just the HERE & NOW. 

Life as it truly is. The Universe. 

It’s almost impossible to be in such a natural, beautiful environment and NOT emit positivity. 

Get into nature

5. Get Creative

I grew up thinking that I was the least creative person on the planet. Totally talentless, in fact. And that made me feel inferior to others, which REALLY lowered by vibration. 

Recently I have learned that we are ALL creative in our own way and I WISH I had come across this fact 20 years ago! 

If you are a musician or love creating art then sure, you are epicly creative, and you know it. But there are SO many other outlets for creativity. 

Enjoy writing? That is creative.

Decorating and having an eye for DIY is creative.

Fashion! Styling your hair or playing with make-up looks. If you can style yourself worthy of a Pinterest pin then you are certainly creative. 

Tinkering with your car, modifying it or fixing problems is creative.








Web design

The list is endless and every single one of us has that creative spark in us, whether we are aware of it or not.

And when we are in that moment, doing what we love, we are usually so immersed in the activity that there is no time for thinking those tedious thoughts in our heads. Being creative keeps is rooted in the present moment and boosts positive energy which raises your vibration to the Universe and the law of attraction works its magic!

6. Eat Healthy

Bet you didn’t see this one coming

You don’t have to be SUPER perfect here, just be conscious of what you eat. Bonus points every time you are able to eat whole raw foods – but I know how difficult (and expensive) that can be. 

Even if you just get into the habit of checking labels and ingredients lists. If it has gone through 10 thousand steps and a million chemicals to get to where it is now – don’t eat it! It’s not good for you and those chemicals are not recognised by your body, which can cause all kinds of problems long term. 

We didn’t come onto this earth to put all these chemicals inside us. Our bodies want whole raw foods and when we eat them, we feel amazing! Our bodies reward us. 

Ok, ok, so we all know how good it feels when we chow down on some junk food, but that feeling doesn’t last long! Once it is over you feel guilty, sluggish, bloated and totally lacking in energy. These feelings are NEGATIVE and in turn create negative energy. So just try to eat healthily as often as you can. The more crap you cut out, the less you crave it!!

Those chemicals in fast food are literally DESIGNED to be addictive and keep you hooked and addiction is a sure fine way to lower your vibration because you will always be in a state of WANT or LACK. 

So try your best to eat healthy. Allow yourself a treat once in awhile but don’t beat yourself up about it when you do and just make sure that your next meal or snack is a healthy one!

7. Crystals

I have been reading A LOT about crystals recently and the amazing power they have to help raise your vibration and positive energy. They are the perfect tools for the law of attraction. I don’t know much about how they work yet but holding certain crystals or carrying them on your person is said to boost energy by interacting with your bodies energy field. Now, I need to really spend some time putting this into practice before I can give you my personal verdict on this, but I certainly will do, soon.

If you have details on the best crystals to have and how to use them, please hit me up with your knowledge!

8. Detox

When you hear the word detox, you usually think about a body detox, right?

But I am not referring to this sort of detox (those “fads” never did me any good), I mean detoxing from ANYTHING that brings negativity into your life.  People, objects, habits etc. 


If there is someone in your life that brings you down, doesn’t support your dreams and causes you negativity – you don’t want them in your life.  Trust me, they are lowering your vibration and causing you to stay STUCK in life. Especially if you allow them to guide your life and behavior. Get rid. I know it can be difficult to do, but doing so will really help you bring positivity back into your life. 


Bad habits can be SO difficult to change, but if you don’t make a conscious effort to break them, you are only going to continue receiving more of the same negativity. 

Perhaps you drink too much alcohol or rely on some form of drugs to get you through the day? Both a really really bad for keeping your energy vibrations low because, think about it, when you use them, you are not in your ‘real’ state of mind. You are altering your mind and that is NOT good for you at all. 

If you can keep your mind healthy and work on KEEPING those positive thoughts in your mind you will attract more beneficial things in your life, not to mention TONS of energy and a high vibration. 


It could be clothes that is bringing you negativity. If something doesn’t fit you right and everytime you wear it you think “ah – I hate the way this looks/how I look today” then throw it away, it’s not good for you. It’s putting negative energy into your life.

We all deserve to feel cute/good/attractive everyday. Wearing rags isn’t going to do that.

Be honest, do you feel a surge of positive energy when someone tells you that you look nice or think it yourself when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror? Yeah? Well you are in control of that! What is stopping you feeling that way every day?

Throw away your tatty clothes. 

Throw away anything that doesn’t make you feel good. It’s not worth having in your life.

9. Be Happy

Have fun and laugh! Whether that is watching funny videos, listening to funny podcasts or watching some comedy, laughing is a huge plus and raises your vibration by emitting good energy into the Universe. You are showing that you are happy and so as a result, you are going to attract happy things. 

Try to stay positive, try to laugh as much as you can, and try to stay around people or situations that make you happy. Be present wherever you are and notice all the happy and positive things going on around you. 

Smile often and radiate that happiness within! 

11. Music

Saving the best until last, music. 

There is NOTHING that can raise your energy more so than good music in my opinion. 

You need to make sure that it IS good music that peps you up though, not low energy negative music.

Unfortunately, there is a LOT of negativity in music these days. That is probably one of the main reasons I listen to all the “old stuff”. I hear some music with horrific messages behind them these days and I turn them off immediately. If you are constantly listening to those sorts of negative messages, your subconscious mind is soaking it all up and you are going to be emitting that negativity into the Universe. 

You want to listen to happy music with good, inspiring lyrics. It doesn’t matter what genre of music it is or what era it is from, just make sure it lifts you up.  


So, those are my top 10 tips for raising your vibration for the law of attraction.

The key is balance. You can’t have everything perfect all the time – if you try to do so you will go crazy. 

Things happen. 

You are not always going to be 100% perfect. 

Try your best to follow these rules daily to raise your vibration but if you slip up or you are having a hard time, don’t beat yourself up over it. 

If your vibration is too high – it’s not good for you.

If your vibration is too low – it’s not good for you. 

Balance. Just like anything in life. 

I hope you enjoyed this.

Let me know what you do to raise your vibration in the comments below. 

And if you want to read more about the law of attraction, I totally recommend this book.


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