‘Self-Care – Treat Yourself’ Purchase – Nars Laguna Bronzer

It’s important to treat yourself occasionally. They say self-care is all about treating yourself the way you would treat your very best friend. And you would treat your best friend occasionally, right?

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to go out and spend a ton of money on stuff every time you feel a bit ‘meh’, but the occasional treat is good for you.

As a typical woman, I LOVE Makeup.

I have had my eyes on the Nars Laguna Bronzer for a very long time. I spent years watching Beauty Gurus using it on YouTube but always thought it was way out of my price zone for Makeup.  

But when I finally used the very last of my cheap Barry M Bronzer last month I thought, sod it. Why not? Summer is coming and I want a sun-kissed face!

ASOS sell Nars products online now which is super handy for someone like me. No more feeling like a fish out of water in House Of Fraser or John Lewis. (Seriously, how perfect are the staff there? I am convinced they are robots!) I get seriously anxious every single time one of those perfectly put together girls trill a high pitched “hello” at me with a forced smile. No, I feel much less judged browsing behind the screen on my I Phone.  Next Day Online Delivery will win for me every time.

It’s a little on the expensive side at £31, I admit, but it is totally worth it. Just a tiny sweep onto the contours of my face and my pale and deathly skin looks instantly alive. I actually wear it for work on my cheeks and eyelids with NOTHING else on my face except Mascara and I really feel put together. If I did the same with my cheap bronzer people would probably just think I have dirt on my face!!!

So, I just wanted to show off my posh little new ‘feel good’ purchase and remind you that it’s not selfish to treat yourself once in awhile.

If you are interested, you can purchase yours here.

What have you treated yourself to recently? And if you haven’t in a while, I encourage you to do so and then post a picture on Instagram or FaceBook or come and let me know in the comments! 🙂


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