How To Set Goals In 2020

New Year’s Resolutions. I love them.

But what are they? New Year’s Resolutions are basically goals. And while you may not “believe” in New Year’s Resolutions, you should definitely believe in setting goals for yourself.  

How To Set Goals In 2020

I absolutely love the feeling of a clean slate and all the opportunities that lay ahead of you on a fresh new year, so much so, that The New Year is probably my favorite time of the year. There is just so much potential! Am I a total saddo? Yes. Do I care? No.

As a self confessed list maker and goal setter, I decided to write a blog post on how to set and achieve New Year’s Resolutions (or goals).

I will be honest with you guys, I certainly don’t achieve every single one of the goals/resolutions that I set, I feel like that would make me inhuman. In fact, last year, I really sucked at it and learnt a lot of powerful lessons (more on that later). You are not a failure if you don’t hit all your goals, but you can learn from that failure and be smarter next time.

Last year I have learnt so much about getting to where I want to be, so this post is basically a small collection of the things that I have learnt from my own failures, to hopefully help you with your awesome 2020 success.

1. Keep It Simple. Keep It Small

This is the biggest and most important tip.

Don’t set a shit ton of goals/resolutions for yourself!!!

In fact, I would have NO more than 3. Stick to just one goal/resolution at a time if you can. 

Trying to juggle goals was my personal struggle (and ultimate failure) last year. 

In 2018 I set myself just 3 goals to focus on and achieved all 3 – it felt great!

In 2019 I set myself 11 goals to focus on and achieved just 1……it felt PANTS!

Following on from my success of hitting my goals through 2018  I got overconfident and set myself too many in 2019.

I was massively overwhelmed and I failed at trying to juggle all the goals.

You see? Inspired by my success of motivation, achievement and manifestation, I challenged myself to WAY too many goals last year and, although I made some pretty good progress on things, I didn’t manage to fully achieve anything and this REALLY bothered me.

So, learning from my own mistakes last year, in 2020 I have set myself just 2 BIG GOALS to work on (although I will focus most of my energy on just 1 until I have achieved it) and 1 healthy habit to implement. The healthy habit will be the ONLY habit I will force myself to complete daily until it becomes exactly that – a habit. Once I start doing that habit on autopilot without really thinking about it, I will decide on and move onto the next healthy habit.

And I really think you should do the same.

If you are anything like me, you will find it SO HARD to pick just a couple of goals to focus on when you have such a long list of things you want to accomplish and achieve.

“Life is too short, I want to do ALL THE THINGS!”


But the truth is, achieving 20 major life goals or changing 40 aspects of your life in just one year is far too much for our brains to handle. The impact/process of trying to achieve all of that would probably cause severe stress or depression in itself. The brain doesn’t like change and the impact would be too much to handle. Cue a crummy year.

So work on your goals one at a time. Focusing on just one goal at a time will make the biggest positive impact on your life over the full year, instead of trying to hit lots of little goals at once, which results in stress and chaos.

Easy, huh?

2. Never Break The Chain

Generally, to reach a goal, you need to form a habit. You need to take action on your goal, or work on your healthy habit, every single day.

So, there is scientific research to suggest that you can create (or break) a habit for GOOD in 63 days. This is broken into 3 segments of 21 days.

Section 1: First 21 Days – The first 21 days of doing the habit consistently every day will be HARD. It’s going to be a struggle (and probably totally SUCK) because you are going against your subconscious conditioning. The human mind LOVES routine (as do I) and so forcing it to take part in a new routine is going to make it throw a tantrum like a toddler who had it’s toys taken off it. 

Section 2: Second 21 Days (42 days) – During this period, it will start to feel a little easier. The mind is starting to get on board here, but you still need to remain consistent and ensure that you complete the habit every single day.

Section 3: Third 21 Days (63) – – You have very nearly cracked it!! The finish line is in sight. Although you will still have to keep focus, the routine is very nearly downloaded as a subconscious habit.

Day 64: You have formed a new Healthy Habit! Congratulations.

I have to recommend an app here, because it has been absolutely brilliant in helping me achieve this.

You don’t really need this app, the same thing can be achieved by recording your progress on a physical calendar, or maybe the calendar on your phone. The STREAKS app is very handy, and sends you little reminders to keep you on track.

Currently, I have 2 really simple, actually terribly embarrassing habits that I am tracking.

So my embarrassing habits/Goals in this app are:

Wake Early 

Take Action Towards Your Goals

If I don’t wake up early and get my day off to the right start, I am literally just a write off for the day. I feel super gross and it affects my productivity and my confidence. 

And the 2nd is take productive action towards my goals.

So each day you go into the app and you tap off the button for the habit that you are tracking to show that you have done it for the day. The whole idea is to show that you don’t break the chain. You want it to show that your daily streak is going slowly upwards until you hit that magical 3rd section and the habit is complete. 

3. Break Your Goal Into Small Manageable Steps

When my big main goal was to create a blog, I broke it into about 30 very small steps for me to do, because ‘create a blog’ just sounded so overwhelming.

So if you have a big overwhelming goal, create a plan of action!

And every time I completed a step I would highlight what I had done so I could see my progress and felt like I was accomplishing something.

So create a plan of action in digestible chunks to get your goal accomplished.

4. Fill Up On Motivational Juice On The Regular

If you are working towards something BIG you are guaranteed to have lows throughout your journey.

Now you might feel the need to hustle hard, knuckle down and never stop working 24/7 until the goal is reached, but, realistically, this isn’t possible without causing a mental breakdown.

You do need that willpower to achieve your goal, but on a personal level I don’t think you should ever rely on willpower alone. You should make sure you have a nice mix of willpower and motivation.

So, read the inspiring books, check out the inspirational Instagram Accounts and listen to the motivational podcasts. This is where it all started for me.

5. Set A Theme For The Year

This is a new one for me. A concept I read about in The Desire Map – A wonderful book about creating our own lives.

Think about the way you want to feel throughout the new year.

I would recommend picking a few words that explain how you want to feel throughout the year. 

It could be for example Confident or Energised, Independent or Calm. 

It will be different for everyone. 

Then just make sure that the goal/goals you set for yourself align with this feeling/theme rather than just working towards milestones that you feel you are expected to hit in life.

I strongly believe that the whole point of life and goal setting is to feel good and level up your life. So make sure that your goals are in line with how you want to feel.

6. Keep Them To Yourself (This one is up to you)

I was going to tell you my goals at the end of this post, but then, I really thought about it and made a conscious decision not to do that. 

While it is true that there is a TON of advice out there that states that you should tell everyone your goals and make everyone hold you accountable, be honest with yourself on whether that will work for you.

For me, the more people I tell, the less power I think it will hold and the less likely I am to achieve them. I don’t know why this is, I just know that it will be detrimental to me and will lose its manifestation power. But this one is ultimately up to how you work best.


What works for me, might not work the best for you. Our brains do not all get motivated by the same things. And getting your brain to get on work and work on your goal may not be the same process for everyone.

Keep in mind that it is all about trial and error. So try something and if you can really see that it is not working for you, move on to other methods or systems.

Like I did between 2018, 2019 and 2020.

And that is it for my goals tips for the New year. I hope that you found this useful and are busy getting excited about your goals. 

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