How To Recharge Your Batteries

Personally, I think alone time is CRUCIAL to self-care. You might think that you don’t need it – but I will bet anything that you are not using that time efficiently when you are alone. If you want to skip head and find out how to wake up energised, click here.

How To Recharge Your Batteries

I think of alone time as a way to recharge your batteries. You charge your phone every day, right? Imagine what would happen to your phone if you didn’t? Pretty soon, it would be good for nothing. It would stop performing and shut down. Why are we any different to that?

Regular alone time, or ‘Me Time’ as I like to call it, is a great way to recharge, and if you are not already doing it on a weekly basis, I beg you to start! You will be amazed at how differently you will feel afterward.

Here are some ways I spend alone time along with a few other ideas to help get you started.

Guided Meditation

I find it very difficult to switch off my train of thought when I meditate unless I use a Guided Meditation. Guided Meditation helps to keep you focused and walks you through the whole thing. There are so many that you can find for free online. Simply type ‘Guided Meditation’ into YouTube and you will have thousands to choose from. Why don’t you dim the lights and burn some incense at the same time – create your very own Spiritual Retreat in your own home!

How To Recharge Your Batteries

Writing down goals/intentions

This one is my favourite and my usual go to. There is nothing more calming than curling up with a cup of tea and a planner. Writing down your goals is the best way to manifest them into reality. I won’t geek out on my thoughts of Manifestation and the Law Of Attraction right now, but if you are not already excited by the idea then you soon will be (if I get my way) when I post about it very soon. Writing down your goals gives you a sense of direction and gives your brain something to focus on, which will stop it stressing out about everything else going on around you. If you prefer more structure to goal setting then I really recommend The Daily Greatness Journal because it helps you to remember to check in and update the progress on your goals.


Journaling is the best way to dump everything that is in your head onto paper. You don’t have to be a creative writer to journal – just take pen to paper and allow whatever is going through your head to travel through. It’s amazing the things you find out about yourself when you let yourself write without thinking about it. “What a comfort is this journal. I tell myself to myself and throw the burden on my book and feel relieved.” – Anne Lister

Listen to calming music

Ok, for me it’s more a screaming guitar, some funky blues or some rockin vocals, but whatever floats your boat. As long as you play something you enjoy and can switch off to, its giving you that much needed energy.


I don’t do this one, I just DON’T have the patience, but I know it can be really helpful for some people. Whether you are someone who has a perfectly organised colouring set for every single colour shade on this earth, or you just want to scribble with your Biro while watching Coronation Street, the health benefits are immense. Apparently colouring has the ability to relax the center of your brain! Seriously! Google it! Personally, it stresses me right out, but hey, Google doesn’t lie!


Anybody who knows me personally would quite probably laugh out loud for this one. I don’t cook. I don’t bake. In fact, just the thought of it is making me feel stressed. But I do understand that some (strange) people find cooking or baking very therapeutic. A friend of mine says that she “stress bakes”, and while I might find that concept slightly crazy, it works for her! (Tip though – make sure you then gift the baked goodies to someone else – if you bake AND eat a cake every time you are stressed you may find yourself with a whole different set of problems (like not being able to fit out the door of your house)

Pamper Nights

If you already follow me on Instagram, these need NO introduction. I couldn’t function without my weekly pamper nights. It’s incredibly difficult to feel anything but amazing after a bubble bath.

How To Recharge Your Batteries

However you choose to spend your “Me Time” make sure to schedule it into your week and don’t let the day to day busyness of life stop you from doing it. When your batteries run out you will be no good to anyone. So schedule that time, plug in your metaphorical charger and relax.

How do you re-charge your batteries?


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