How To Make The Most Of Lockdown (Advice From 12 Of The Best Bloggers!)

Are you searching online for tips on how to make the most of lockdown? Things to do when you are bored? How to manage stress during this pandemic? Or even just looking for little ways to give yourself a little extra TLC during what is currently a very worrying time?

On the blog today I am bringing you an epic advice guide on subtle little ways to survive the Coronavirus lock-down!! All advice has been taken from 12 absolutely fantastic bloggers/vloggers!

To make sure this guide is actionable (rather than overwhelming), I have arranged these blogging articles and advice on ‘how to make the most of lockdown’ into each of my 12 Dharma Rocks Blog Categories– and given you a quick summary – so you can read up on the advice you need most! 













No matter what category you are struggling with, today’s roundup will have some fantastic advice – pulled straight from their very own blog. 

Finding the right advice during this difficult time can make all the difference when you are trying to make the most of your year. 

Despite being someone who tries to look on the positive side of life, I have been really struggling with how to make the most of lockdown and ways to keep active, motivated and happy during this lockdown. And I have found really helpful advice from the best bloggers who are continuing to really help me through it. 

I hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: All quotes and images below belong to the bloggers. Please click the links for more information!

How to make the most of lockdown


WELLBEING: Defined as "the state of being comfortable, healthy or happy". Our wellbeing is  ALWAYS important - but even more so during the Coronavirus Lockdown. 

Top Tips To Stop Those Energy Levels From Wavering – BY Kirsty Marie

How To Make The Most Of Lockdown

BLOG POST: Top Tips To Stop Those Energy Levels From Wavering

BLOG: Kirsty Marie

Try to unwind before bed, whether this is by having a bath, reading a book or sleep meditation. Slowing down your routine will help your mind to switch off when heading to bed.

Kirsty Marie
Kirsty Marie

Meet Kirsty from Kirsty Marie. Kirsty was one of the first bloggers I sought out when I was looking for fellow local like-minded bloggers and wasn’t disappointed to find her site FULL of self-care and mental health tips and advice, along with some brilliant reviews from local restaurants and much much more. In Kirsty’s latest post she offers some fantastic advice on how to keep your energy up during these draining ‘Stay Home’ days. 

Instagram: kirstymarie_uk

Check out Kirsty’s post by clicking the link above or give her a follow. She posts the sweetest pictures to Insta and her Blog really is an inspiration.


Law Of Attraction - The powerful law of attraction states that 'like' attracts 'like'.  The power of positive thinking during these difficult times has NEVER been more important. 

Great Things To Manifest Right Now – BY Emma Mumford

How To Make The Most Of Lockdown

BLOG POST: Great Things To Manifest Right Now

BLOG: Emma Mumford

This isn’t a time for us to be focusing on our own goals and desires. It’s a time to use manifestation for the highest good to not only help yourself but the collective and mother nature too.

Emma Mumford
Emma Mumford

For like-minded spiritual readers, Emma needs NO introduction. I am in total admiration for this beautiful woman and in the few years I have been following her I feel like I have learned SO much on my manifestation journey. Before I even had the confidence to make my own space on the internet, I found Emma’s YouTube Channel (which I will link below) and I was just blown away by her words of wisdom. They gave me the confidence to create my own blog. Want to manifest your best life ever? Then follow her channels. She is SUCH an inspiration. Emma’s latest post above details the real things we should be focusing on right now. And in my own experience of having my dream house purchase stopped in it’s tracks by the virus, reading this really changed my perspective on my own disappointment.

YouTube: Emma Mumford

Instagram: iamemmamumford

FaceBook: Emma Mumford

So what are you waiting for? Click the blog post above! Go read, go be inspired!


Health & Fitness go hand in hand and are essential for us to live our best life. During lockdown, it can feel a little more challenging. But it is important that we make it a part of  our daily routines.  

How To Build A Home Gym (When All Equipment Is Sold Out) – BY Nerd Fitness

BLOG POST: How To Build A Home Gym (When All Equipment Is Sold Out)

BLOG: Nerd Fitness

So you can get in shape with minimal equipment – it just comes down to having a great program to follow!

Steve Kamb
Nerd Fitness

This guy is an absolute legend! This is Steve, the founder of Nerd Fitness. I have followed this incredibly informative and absolutely hilarious blog for YEARS and it is one of the first websites that I check out each time I fire up my computer. I have shared the lessons I have learn’t from this Blog with absolutely anybody who will listen and I can’t recommend it enough! If you want to “Level Up Your Life” – you NEED to check out this site where you will be guaranteed to find the motivation to get in shape – no matter what level you are currently at. I MEAN it when I say he shows ways to make exercise fun!

Insta: nerd_fitness

FaceBook: Nerd Fitness

YouTube: Nerd Fitness

Online Coaching: Coaching


Self-care is SO IMPORTANT. My entire blog centers around paying attention to what you need, and during lockdown it is absolutely essential.

Investing In Self-Care – BY Stephanie Loves

How To Make The Most Of Lockdown

BLOG POST: Investing In Self-Care

BLOG: Stephanie Loves

Whatever it is, find something that makes you want to get up and embrace the day ahead. 

Stephanie Loves

Steph from Stephanie Loves is such a sweetheart! Her Blog (created only last year) is super modern and fresh! She creates content around everything from wellbeing and self-care advice to awesome street style fashion and beauty tips! She also has a super engaging, inspirational Instagram account with the most entertaining stories. So if you fancy a daily dose of joy from a really down to earth girl with a big heart – make sure to follow this beaut! She really is what I wold consider a true Influencer – because she is true to herself and her message.

Instagram: stephiekent

Check out her post on investing in self-care by clicking the link above or give her a follow. Did I mention she also has the cutest fur babies?


Looking after our mental health is essential. It includes our emotional, psychological and  social wellbeing. 

Isolation Month Two BY Mike Douglas

Mike Douglas

BLOG POST: Isolation Month Two

BLOG: Mikes Open Journal

Many now create talking points and activities for others. Sharing quizzes, wellbeing tips and placing rainbows in the window.

Mike Douglas
Mike Douglas

Mental Health Blog Awards Founder Mike Douglas of Mikes Open Journal is a fantastic mental health Blogger who has first hand experience of what it is like to suffer with poor mental health. He was published many articles over the last 3 years and is the host of a brilliant Podcast: MOJO where he invites a diverse range of guests to discuss the impact of mental health on their day to day lives. He is inspired to offer support and top quality information to readers/listeners because of his own struggles navigating through his darker emotions. That doesn’t stop him having a pretty kick ass life though (as shown through his social accounts). Mike says: “The content of this site is based on my lived experience and the experience of those I speak to”, and he certainly delivers just that! Parts of his Blog will have you laughing out loud at his relatable accounts! Make sure to go check out his site/podcast and be sure to give him a follow on Instagram. He is very entertaining.

Instagram: mike_douglas_


Self-Improvement is key to creating the better life you desire for yourself! This lockdown  is the PERFECT time to work on your self - development. 

3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Self-Worth Whilst At Home – BY Carly Ann

How To Make The Most Of Lockdown

BLOG POST: 3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Self-Worth Whilst At Home

BLOG: Carly – Ann

Your words and your thoughts influence your mood and create your reality.

Carly Ann
Carly Ann

I found Carly on Instagram when I decided I needed more positivity in my life and was looking for a life coach. She is such a beautiful and uplifting person and I find myself going to her Insta Page every morning where she offers a cheery “good morning” story every day. Carly is a self-esteem coach and her blog/socials offer plenty of confidence boosting advice around everything from relationships to mindset. She also has a selection of online courses/programs built with the experience gained from years of battling with her own personal struggles, along with the knowledge from her Psychology degree. So she really knows what she’s doing! Check out her linked blog and socials to see what she has to offer you!

Instagram: the_happy_diary_

FaceBook: TheHappyDiary

So, if you are ready for an injection of positivity in your life- give this girl a follow. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


Happiness. It's the ultimate goal, right? It's what we ALL want. But happiness is not       something you get to, happiness is always here. Right now. You just have to find it!

126 Things To Do Whilst You’re Social Distancing/Self-Isolating – BY Grace Bee

How To Make The Most Of Lockdown

BLOG POST: 126 Things To Do Whilst You’re Social Distancing/Self-Isolating

BLOG: Gracebee

I’ve popped together a list of things you can do to pass the time and ride this pandemic out. For ease I’ve split the list in two, things you can do if you’re feeling productive, and things you can do if you’re not, because in times like this, it’s okay to just chill the fuck out.

Grace Bee

This is Grace from GRACEBEE. She wants to entertain you by sharing all things beauty, lifestyle, food and travel and I am proud to say she is from my very own city of Birmingham. Grace started Blogging over 7 years ago after she finished college. She started with posts about beauty and her general interests which became a big part of her life, and now she offers more advice posts on lifestyle and living your best life. Always willing to take life by the horns and make the best of any situation, Grace’s blog and socials are a real delight. Be sure to also check out her helpful travel advice (for when we are allowed out again) and tips for getting back into fitness!

Instagram: gracebeeuk

So be sure to pop the kettle on check out this lovely – you will be inspired to plan out your next big trip or stay-cation in no time!!


Motivation. Without it we wouldn't get a whole lot done! Sometimes it can feel difficult to motivate ourselves, and when life feels this uncertain, it can feel even more difficult to  find the drive to get productive!

Help! I’ve Lost My Motivation! – BY Claire Ashton

How To Make The Most Of Lockdown

BLOG POST: Help! I’ve Lost My Motivation!

BLOG: Claire Ashton

If you can concentrate on a small achievable goal it will really help you stay motivated in the long run.

Claire Ashton

Meet Claire from Claire Ashton. Do you want to learn how to improve your health, fitness and general wellbeing? If so, you have found the right place! Claire will guide you through the process with her coaching sessions (which come highly recommended!). Or, if you prefer reading some top tips on health & fitness, she has years worth of blog articles to browse, read now, or pin for later!

Her socials posts are high energy, inspiring and entertaining as she takes us through her journey with her wonderful family of 4 children!

Be sure to check her out!!

Insta: claireashtoncoaching


Stress is a KILLER! We ALL experience it and we all need to learn how to manage it. These   are stressful times. There is no doubt you are feeling higher levels of stress right now.   Don't ignore it!

10 Self-Care Ideas To Reduce Coronavirus Stress – BY Katie The Tourist

Katie The Tourist

BLOG POST: 10 Self-Care Ideas To Reduce Coronavirus Stress

BLOG: Katie The Tourist

I think we could all do with some escapism, so pick up a good book and get lost in a perfect fantasy world for a while!

Katie the tourist

You can loose yourself for hours on Katie’s Blog – Katie The Tourist, it really is a fantastic site! Currently a business student, Katie has been blogging for over a year and specialises in social media strategy and digital marketing, which is portrayed beautifully through her own accounts. Her Blog has amazing articles around travel, from her own personal experience, along with advice on the Law Of Attraction (my personal favourite!) and guidance on SEO. What more could you want? Oh, and she is currently developing her very own section on the blog for Coronavirus advice. Exactly what we all need right now! Take a look into her socials and check out her incredible travel shots, her work is beautiful!

Insta: katiethetourist

FaceBook: Katie The Tourist


Organisation is important because it helps to reduce the stress of daily life. No doubt your life is probably feeling pretty chaotic right now, but now is the PERFECT opportunity to get some organisation into your life. 

Home Improvements To Consider When Working From Home- BY Life In A Breakdown

How To Make The Most Of Lockdown

BLOG POST: Home Improvements To Consider When Working From Home

BLOG: Life In A Break Down

You may not be able to spend a great deal of time outdoors right now, but that shouldn’t stop you from bringing the outdoors to you.

Life in a breakdown

Sarah’s Blog centers around focusing on the positive’s in life, especially when we find ourselves in our very own “breakdown”. Her Blog – Life In A Break Down offers readers positive tips on all aspects of lifestyle, including mental and physical health and money management. She also runs regular competitions that offer readers the chance to win some fantastic items! Check out her socials as well to view these giveaways (and her absolutely adorable pets!). If you feel like life is getting on top of you, this is the blog to read!

Insta: life_breakdown

FaceBook: Life In A Break Down


Beauty is so important to our self-esteem! Just because we are in a lock-down, doesn't mean  we should neglect ourselves. 

Looking After Your Hands During The Pandemic- BY Strangeness & Charm

How To Make The Most Of Lockdown

BLOG POST: Looking After Your Hands During The Pandemic

BLOG: Strangeness & Charm

It doesn’t matter what soap you’re using, if you are washing your hands a lot they will end up getting dry. 

Hayley Warren
strangeness & charm

Seriously, how cool is this girl? Strangeness & Charm was started 8 years ago when Hayley was in her 2nd year of her degree and wanted somewhere to talk about her passions. Since then it has evolved into this epic lifestyle blog as she takes us through her unique (but also very relateable) journey. So, if you enjoy travel, food, cool hair and cat cafes, you you feel right at home on Strangeness & Charm. Go check it out!

Insta: xhjw

FaceBook: Strangeness & Charm


Making healthy habits a part of your daily routine now will greatly improve your health, energy levels, physical appearance, motivation and mental health. What better time to start building them into your routine?

How To Find Motivation (Especially At The Moment!) BY JOEL BLAKE

How To Make The Most Of Lockdown

VLOG: How To Find Motivation (Especially At The Moment!)


Motivation comes to us in waves and when we”re going through our daily routines we are reassured by the fact that sometimes we’ll catch one of those waves. However when our world has changed and the routine is no more, catching motivation becomes increasingly difficult

Joel Blake

And for those of you that prefer video vlogs, a favourite recent discovery is ‘Your Mindful Guy – Joel Blake. One of his recent YouTube videos was actually recommended to me and after listening and to his thoughts on ways to end anxiety, I felt immediately inspired to put his wisdom in to practice and wanted to learn more! Joel’s Channel and Socials offer brilliant guided meditations, advice on mindful living, tips on how to meditate and lifestyle vlogs such as workout plans and recipies. I really encourage you to subscribe to Joel’s YouTube channel and hit that little notification bell to get a nudge of positivity when he uploads each week!

Insta: joelblake_

So, what did you guy’s think? All of these incredible Bloggers have so much to share on how to make the most of lockdown and are truly inspiring! They have all had a fantastic influence on me and started their blogging journey with no real experience, just passion, and look at what they have accomplished! WOW!

Which lock-down advice resonated with you the most?

Did you find a post that triggered some inspiration or drive in you? Are you now ready to take this lock – down head on?

You can ALWAYS change your situation by simply changing your mindset, so there is no doubt that you can take on any project to make you feel better right now!!! Especially with these awesome bloggers leading the way!

And remember, we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!!!

Which blog article was your favourite? Be sure to follow these Bloggers (and ME) on Instagram for even more inspiration.

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