How To Keep Fit During Lockdown. Never Stop Moving Your Body!

Need to know how to keep fit during lockdown?

Never Stop Moving Your Body. Our bodies need to move!!

The start of a new decade is the perfect time to reflect and look back on the things that have happened to us through our lives. 

Life is a roller-coaster. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s scary. Sometimes it’s up. Sometimes it’s down. 

There are always so many things available to us. So many opportunities. So many lessons to learn. So much room to grow. 

We can take these opportunities and grow, or we can waste our lives with the same mundane routines.

The choice is yours.

The following blog posts are the top lessons I have learned along my journey to self-improvement so far.

I hope these lessons help you along your own path.

ONE: Stay Present

TWO: Do What You Love. Every Day

THREE: Life Is Awesome On The Other Side Of Fear – Face Up To Your Fear NOW!!!

FOUR: Always Trust Your Gut. It Knows What Your Head Hasn’t Figured Out Yet.

FIVE: Buying Stuff WON’T Make You Happy. I PROMISE!

SIX: Going Through Hell Shapes Us Into The Best Version Of Ourselves.


Seriously. Whether that is going for a run every day, an hour spent in a home gym, swimming, cycling, yoga, skateboarding or just simply walking. Whatever you enjoy doing, keep doing it.


The body NEEDS it. 

The mind NEEDS it.

Our bodies were designed to move and sweat. We need to keep the heart pumping and the blood flowing.

Never become stagnant. ESPECIALLY during this lockdown.

Movement is one of the main things that can affect your levels of happiness. 

Never stop. 

Exercise. How to keep fit during lockdown.

Admittedly, this is only something I have recently started to do and I WISH I had started it YEARS ago.

My self confidence has shot up since I started making sure I move my body every day. It has improved my physical health (I no longer feel like I am dying after climbing 1 flight of stairs), my appearance (I am back in my size 8 jeans!) and my wellbeing (I have more energy throughout the day and FEEL good).

Simply put, when you look good, you feel good. After a good daily workout (or even just a brisk walk) I feel mentally and physically pumped! I no longer want to slump in front of the TV and watch Netflix, I want to do something productive or something fun. I feel like I can take on anything. 

I think they call it a “runners high?” Well, I certainly don’t run, I don’t have the knees for that! But it definitely feels like a “high”. When you exercise, your brain releases natural painkillers called Endorphins. These magical little chemicals work to improve your mood AND your self esteem. No medication needed!

If you are having a bad morning, as little as 15 mins of exercise can completely turn your day around. You will be more motivated to tackle new challenges. You will feel better equipped to face your fears. Your brain will even feel more focused and efficient.

You have probably read about the benefits of exercise many times – but it is for good reason.

Quad Skates for exercise. How to keep fit during lockdown.

HONESTLY, there is nothing else in this world (that is legal anyway) that will altogether sharpen your mind, strengthen your body, energise you and make you look damn good in the process. 

And all you need to sacrifice is half an hour of your day to do it. 

So, what exercises can you do during lockdown?


Running – Check out Couch to 5K

Fitness DVD’s/YouTube Workouts!

PE With Joe Wicks (This one is a killer!)



Cleaning (Yes, REALLY!)


If you want to develop self confidence and live your best life yet, make working out a part of your daily routine. 

What is your favourite ‘go to’ exercise? Let me know in the comments below.


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  1. Valentina Chirico

    This lockdown literally saved me. I touched the crack a couple of times and felt so unwell. Even though I was always on my bike to go to work, I wasn’t feeling well at all. Now I enjoy it without pressure and I am combining yoga, weights and some Joe… he’s great!

    Thank you for your tips! I’m with you 🙂

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