How To Get Organised For Tomorrow (And Everyday After That!)

How To Get Organised Tomorrow

Being Organised is a journey. Not a destination. You can’t just become an organised person overnight. Especially if your life currently resembles the chaos of an ever-growing to-do list and an impending nervous breakdown. 

It’s a process, and the secret is to take it one small step at a time.

Baby steps, remember? 

So if you dream of becoming one of those super organised people………where do you start?

You start the night before.

How To Get Organised Tomorrow

That’s right. You might think this strange but I highly recommend you copy me and start this process with me, the night before. It will be so much easier to follow and create a healthy habit if you do it this way. This is the routine to becoming an organised superhero. Trust me.

Step One: Brain Dump

The first step is to sit down in the evening and write down EVERYTHING you have to do the following day. Or just in general. Anything that is in your mind as a to-do…..dump it to paper. 

I like to do this before my night has really got started, you know – before you go into chill mode.

Just before I have whipped my bra off (best feeling ever, right?) and put my “comfies” on, I will sit down with a pen and notebook to get the whirlwind of stuff OUT of my head. 

For example, your mum’s birthday is coming up and you haven’t got the foggiest what you could buy her. Procrastinating on it or putting it off isn’t going to help, is it? Write it down!!!

You can use good old fashioned pen and paper like me, or use a savvy app like Evernote. 

Step Two: Get Done/Get Serious/Get Rid.

Next, you are going to make a new list with 3 categories. ‘Get Done’, ‘Get Serious’ and ‘Get Rid’.  

Take a look at that first list. Is there anything on that list that isn’t urgent or totally necessary for tomorrow? Like, if you know realistically that you won’t be going to buy your mums birthday present tomorrow because you have ten million things on – then you will move it into the ‘Get Serious’ section. But, if your mums birthday is tomorrow and you still haven’t bought her anything, then obviously you need to priortise it and move it into ‘Get Done’’ and go and buy the present ASAP. (I may or may not be giving a real life example here – sorry mum!)

So now you will have 3 lists/categories:

Get Done– You HAVE to do these things tomorrow. These are absolute musts and you should plan tomorrow AROUND getting these things done, even if something else has to go into ‘Get Rid’ or ‘Get Serious’ to account for it. You will feel so much better once you finally cross them off, trust me!

Get Serious – This is a very important list. I like to re-write these into their own notebook to check over every day. These are important tasks to you, things you want to get done, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be tomorrow. Goals also fit into this list, but I will cover that in a future blog post. For now, the ‘Get Serious’ list could contain anything from:

  • Paint my nails
  • Book that holiday to Spain
  • Buy Christmas Presents Early and get organised
  • Compare for cheaper car insurance

Get Rid – Anything that REALLY doesn’t need to be done or could be delegated to someone else. 

  • ‘Cook Tea’ – Perhaps you would like to go out for dinner with the family tomorrow? Or have a quick salad instead to free up time for something else?
  • ‘Go Shopping for a new outfit for upcoming occasion’. – Do you really need to do this? Are you just spending unnecessary money when you have plenty of perfect outfits at home? Yes – you know you are! Get rid!

Step Three: Assess

Now go back through your 3 lists and make sure you have thought of everything.

Turn your focus now to the ‘Get Done’ list. I like to close my eyes and visualize my future day from start to finish to make sure I have everything. Yes, you had to rush out last minute to buy your mums birthday present because you fail at life, but did you remember to get wrapping paper? Did you get a card? 

And don’t forget to make time for the everyday stuff as well – like eating and self-care! You might think it’s silly to plan that stuff and write it down – but my plans always used to fall apart when I realised I had filled my day with commitments and hadn’t left enough space for washing my hair or meal prepping.

How To Get Organised Tomorrow

Step Four: Organise and MIT (Most Important Task)

Now, you are going to organise your ‘Get Done’ list for tomorrow. 

Organise the list in whichever way works best for you but make sure that your MIT is either at the top or highlighted bold. Your MIT is your ‘Most Important Task’ and is the thing that you absolutely MUST do tomorrow. Or the world will end. Seriously, it’s THAT important to you. 

I like to organise this list in order of importance. So paying your bill is a priority, but testing out your new Urban Decay Make-Up or playing your new Video Game is not.

Once you have organised your list and have everything you will be doing tomorrow you are going to pick ONE THING from your ‘Get Serious’ list and put it at the bottom of your new to do list for tomorrow. You should do your very best to try and accomplish (or at least take some action towards) this task tomorrow. 

You should be excited at the prospect of doing it – because it is important and doing it will improve your life/move you closer to your goals/make you feel less stressed etc. But, its at the bottom of the list because it isn’t absolutely necessary (yet). If you manage to do it, BONUS!

This final list for the next day is almost always done on my phones ‘reminder’ app. I like to know that the next morning I can just fire up my phone and see exactly what I need to do – and in what order.

Step Five: Take Action

Time to go gather all the things you will need for tomorrow. 

So that might be outfits you want to wear – are the Black Jeans you want for tomorrow still in the wash or need ironing? (who irons jeans?!? Or, – anything for that matter……?)

Is your healthy lunch ready to go? If it’s not you know you will eat whatever unhealthy crap you get your hands on tomorrow (Just me?)

Is your phone charged? 

Is it likely you will need an umbrella? (It’s England, of course you will!

Do what you need to do and then put them where you will remember them tomorrow.

Step Six: Chill out – you deserve it!

You’re done! 

Now you can enjoy your night – whether that means going out for a meal with the family, or putting your PJ’s on and binge watching Netflix with a beer like me. Whatever you choose to do with your night you can totally relax knowing tomorrow is already taken care of. 

When you wake up the next day, see how well the system works. Check your list first thing so you are clear on what needs doing – try to get excited about it if you can. It will make your day more enjoyable.

How much more relaxed do you feel about the day ahead? Less stressed? Thought so!

If you forgot something, make a note for next time. If the format of the list didn’t work, try a different way. You don’t HAVE to do it my way. If you were still super rushed, realise that you need to scale it down a bit and reassess your commitments. 

Basically, 30 minutes spent planning the next day on an evening saves you time and energy the following day, which is totally worth it! 

And now you are well on your way to become a super organised human. 

Let me know how this goes for you! Did it work? Did you find an easier way? I would love to hear your thoughts on it.


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Reader Comments

  1. Kristine

    I love the Get Done, Get Serious, and Get Rid! Great way to prioritize the (MIT) and still make sure to write down all the things I need to do (or do not need to do). And I always say I will write down all the things I want to do and I only do it for a certain time. I will most definitely use these tips!

  2. Pam

    Great ideas to get organized and get ahead! I love that you mentioned note booking since I ABSOLUTELY love journaling! Getting it all out of your head and down on paper is a perfect tactic to keeping on track. Truthfully it’s the one thing keeping me sane lol Wonderful post! Thank you so much!

  3. Bolupe

    Thank you, Dharma for these tips. I am currently trying to be more organised and productive. I will be taking your advice on writing things down the night before. I currently write them in the morning but with so many distractions, I am struggling to tick off all I have on my to-do lists.

    • Dharma Rocks

      Ah yes. I used to do the same. It’s much more effective writing then down the night before, plus, it clears your mind to allow you to enjoy your night and wind down before bed without thinking about all the “stuff” you have to do. Dharma xX

  4. Gemma

    This is such a great method for prioritisation Dharma; somehow separating things into these lists seems to make the order in which things should be done a lot clearer. I’m definitely going to have to try it! I also really like the fact that you’ve included taking time for ourselves as the last step. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

    Gemma x

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