How Important Is An Organised Life?

An organised life. Some people call it a GYST (Get-Your-Shit-Together), others call it a Life Reset. I have started calling it ‘H=OPE’ (“Happy= Organise Practically Everything”).

Whatever you call it, or don’t call it, (if you are not weird like me) it is SOOOOOOO important that we organise our lives.

Don’t believe me? 

If you can honestly answer NO to all the following, then I NEED to know your secret. If you answer yes to any of them, then you need an organised life. And I am here to help you with that. 

You spend money unnecessarily?

Do you ever buy something that you think you desperately need, only to find out when you get home that you already had it? I am ALWAYS doing this with toiletries. I will use the “last” of a can of deodorant and then that day I will go into panic mode and buy about 10 cans because they are on offer in Superdrug. Then, I find when I get home that I already had 6 cans of the stuff stuffed in a plastic bag in my wardrobe from the last time I made that mistake. Just me?

OR – you buy something on the spur of the moment because you think it will come in handy for something and then you leave it to eternally gather dust somewhere because “it’s not the right time to use it yet”. What is the right time then!?! When the right time DOES come along I can guarantee you have forgotten that your brought it (see above!). Please tell me I am not alone here?

What about giving over half your wages to McDonalds, Greggs, Costa and Subway because you just never have the time or ingredients to pack your lunch for work the night before?

You waste precious time?

Before a night out, do you spend more time LOOKING for the items you need than it takes to get ready? Does your house/bedroom look like a hurricane hit because you couldn’t find your other shoe? And then, when the Uber Taxi is waiting for you outside you can’t find your house keys or bank card ANYWHERE in all the mess you just created? 

Does your phone always die because you can never find your charger?

And on a larger scale, how often do you end up wearing those same old crappy jeans that make you feel like an ugly slug because you can’t find those new ones you brought a few weeks ago? 

You lack energy and drive?

When you have mental (and physical) clutter it slows you down. It is so much harder to be healthy and energised when certain areas of your life are a mess. 

Kitchen is a total state, so your order takeout

Left doing your project until the last minute, so you have to stay up super late and miss out on quality sleep to get it done? This could be anything from coursework, tidying the house for guests the next day, wrapping presents before a birthday etc etc. 

You know your clothes are getting smaller and smaller but instead of doing something about it like throwing all the junk food away and moving your body some more, you moan and complain about it while tucking into your 4th takeaway this week?

You just don’t feel happy?

I started this blog because I was on a quest to find the secret to happiness. And although an ‘Organised Life’ isn’t the one and only Holy Grail to happiness – it REALLY bloody helps. You could say it is the foundation on which a happy life can be built. Without some form of organisation in your life – it is REALLY hard to focus on what matters most. It just makes you FEEL better.

Trust me.

An Organised Life

Imagine if a friend asked you to go on a last minute holiday of a lifetime and you could instantly say “yes” instead of missing out because you had your finances organised and so that money was already saved for this very occasion.

Imagine if a colleague asks you for some paperwork and you were able to immediately retrieve it instead of spending hours cursing “I HAD THIS ONLY YESTERDAY!” because your physical and digital files are perfectly organised. 

Imagine being able to enjoy the festivities of Christmas instead of working every hour under the sun trying to earn enough money to buy loved ones gifts and THEN spending your free time battling through the Shopping Malls to buy last minute crap. Wouldn’t you rather enjoy everything that the Christmas lead up has to offer because you got organised early and the gifts are all wrapped and ready to go? 

Imagine waking up in the morning and having your previously picked out clothes ready and waiting for you, giving yourself plenty of time to enjoy your morning routine.

So what do you think? Are you convinced that you need some more organisation in your life yet?

I KNOW you said yes to at least ONE of those things. And that means there is room for Organisation (H=OPE) in your life, too!

There’s only so long you can get away with late nights, a bad diet, and a lack of self-care. You will run yourself into the ground eventually. 

So, if you would like to jump on the organisation train – stick with me guys, I got you covered! 

What area of your life do you need to organise? Leave me a comment in the notes, maybe I can help you out.


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