Dharma Rocks – September Review (Glastonbury)

The start of September was absolutely wonderful. I spent my birthday weekend with my boyfriend in Glastonbury – easily one of my favourite places on this planet! The town has so much magic surrounding it and I felt it more so than usual this last visit. It really is a town like no other in this country.

Other than it being for my birthday, we booked the trip because of a musical event held at the Glastonbury Abbey called Night At The Abbey. I had been to this event before and had been really impressed so decided I wanted to re-visit. It didn’t disappoint. It was a beautiful warm summer evening, the atmosphere was great and the beer was flowing. The Abbey looks absolutely stunning lit up at night. 

Glastonbury Abbey
Night At Glastonbury Abbey

What else did we do?

We hiked up to the top of the Tor. Yes, I am saying “hiked” because there was a HELL of a lot of steps and if you remember me saying before, I am about as fit as a slug. It was VERY windy at the top. Of course being in Glastonbury, and wanting to look like a hippy at all times, I wore a long floaty skirt which proved to be very problematic trying to hike to the top when the bottom of my skirt seemed determined to get there before me! I think I flashed my pants to EVERYONE a fair few times. It was all totally worth it though because once at the top, the view was absolutely stunning! In true Glastonbury fashion there were a few people chanting and singing at the top which just made the experience that much more magical.

No visit to Glastonbury is complete without a trip to the Chalice Well. As usual the atmosphere was super peaceful and we sat in quiet meditation while taking in the wonderful atmosphere around us.

The rest of my visit was spent shopping. It’s hard not to when all the shops are so inviting and unique. I bought a beautiful dress and my boyfriend spoilt me with a stunning new ring and this incredible necklace of the Tor! Now I can take the magic of Glastonbury with me wherever I go.

Necklace of Glastonbury Tor

After our Glastonbury Trip I had a week off work. I had debated whether to take it or not as I usually feel the need to GO somewhere if I have annual leave. But, as I mentioned in my August update, I was starting to feel worn out and I felt the need to rest. I am glad I did though as that me time’ allowed me to concentrate on my well-being and I certainly felt like I had the spring back in my step when I returned to work.

ALWAYS remember to take care of number one!

Did September whizz by for you too?


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