Dharma Rocks – October Review

Honestly speaking, to start with, I wasn’t going to post an update this October, because I thought I had been far too much of a miserable git to warrant having anything interesting to say. But then I looked back over the stuff I had done this month and realised that I had ACTUALLY managed to have a good time. Despite my stress levels going through the roof at times, it was fun.

The power of the mind really is incredible. It’s amazing how, before sitting down to write this, I thought that October was a rubbish month of nothing-ness because of how overwhelmed, hermit like and stressed I have felt. The mind convinced me that things were crap. And yet, when I reflect back over the stuff I did, I realised that October was actually a pretty damn good month!

Turns out that doing these updates are the positive slap in the face I need to call myself out on my own mental bullshit.

First up this month was my brothers birthday. I won’t embarrass him and announce how old he is to the world. But we had fun. Instead of going for a family meal we decided to do something a little less “adult” and go bowling instead. I lost, of course. But it didn’t stop me having a great time. 

Next was the wedding of my really good friends Claire and Dave. It was absolutely STUNNING. The whole day, from start to finish was beautiful. Claire looked stunning, the venue was lovely and I couldn’t get over how incredible the hotel was.

I even had a little bit of wedding envy, which I never EVER thought I would feel. Maybe I am a normal human after all?

Mid October I went to see the super talented Kris Barras at The Robin 2 in Bilston. WHAT. A. PERFORMANCE. Having discovered this guy at Upton Blues Festival last year, I wasn’t going to pass up another opportunity to soak up the experience and see him live. Incredible blues rock artist! If you like proper rock’n’roll – go and check him and his band out.

And then, of course, it was Halloween. This year my boyfriend and I visited The Haunted Castle at Warwick. Despite the poor weather, we had a fantastically spooky time. We met up with Siy’s work friend and his wife (who were just lovely) and proceeded to enjoy all the haunted attractions. I even braved the SCARIEST horror walk.

Having the grounds lit up in different colours and a giant ‘The Haunted Castle’ projected against the side of the castle all, just added to the Halloween ambiance.

So there you have it.

October may have been a bit of a difficult month for my mental health – but I STILL managed to have a blast.

October was a bit of a difficult month for me, mentally. But, even though I considered not publishing this monthly update, I figured I was committed now, even if it isn’t all butterflies and unicorns.

The lack of posts on this blog means that Dharma Rocks is starting to die a bit of a miserable death. I am determined not to let that happen, so if you haven’t already, please do follow my instagram or leave me a comment. Every little engagement helps. I wish I didn’t sound so desperate, but hey ho. I need to try and keep the momentum during these busy weeks.

In the meantime, thank you for all your lovely messages and check – ins. I really appreciate it!

Did you dress up for Halloween? I would LOVE to see pictures.


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