Dharma Rocks – February Review

If you are reading this….. thank you for not abandoning me!!!!!!

Seriously though, thank you!

I haven’t spent hardly any time on my dear little blog for a few months, because I have needed to focus on myself.

February was actually a rather productive month for me, when I look back at it. Although it seemed to fly past me so bloody fast that I hardly had time to catch my breath! (Or is storm Dennis responsible for that? Phew – that was one hell of a scary storm!)

I think I have mentioned it before, but one of the big problems I have, is that I tend to try and make loads of progress with lots of different things all at once. And of course, I fall flat on my face and achieve buggar all!

So, since the start of 2020, I have been focusing all of my attention on my number 1 goal this year and trying to make massive progress there. My attention has been 100% on the process of buying a house – which is a rather daunting, time-consuming, scary, but massively exciting adulting task.

And I haven’t had much time or energy for anything else. Hence, my blog has fallen on the wayside.

I still have a long road ahead – but we are making good progress. 🙂

I also shocked myself by joining the gym this month and have made a conscious effort to go 4 times a week (!) which I am absolutely chuffed to say I did. It’s just cardio stuff at the moment until I stop feeling like a fish out of water, but it’s all a win. I have felt so much better since going! My health and energy levels have improved, and I have lost some weight!

I managed to fit back into my size 8 jeans and wore them to work last week feeling so god damn accomplished! I mean, I was in pain all day and I got pins and needles in my feet every time I sat down at my desk – but that is beside the point! Haha. They fit over my thighs again and I deserve a medal for that alone!

So, all in all, I have made good progress on a lot of things, but unfortunately, my little blog has had to take a back-seat as a result.

Meme. Ready to be productive & Manifest.

I am really going to concentrate on it this month as I really do enjoy it. The house buying process has disrupted my normal day-to-day routine and my blog has suffered. I felt unmotivated to write and just put all of my focus onto the house search instead. Oh, and to watch endless amounts of YouTube videos, of course. (That’s not just me, right? )

And so, I just wanted to say (and remind myself really) that living your best life isn’t all about getting shit tons of things done. Sometimes, living your best life means that you focus 50% of your energy on the most important task in your life and the other 50% on looking after your self-care. 

I have told myself that keeping a blog up to date just for the sake of consistency is a waste of my energy. The blog will still be here tomorrow (i hope) but I really am sorry to anybody who DOES read and has asked me why I am not writing.

It’s perfectly OK to focus on yourself and let everything else fall away for awhile. Your most important goal, physical and mental well-being are way more important than trying to juggle everything at once. Don’t burnout.

If you need to take a little time off, take it. YOU are the most important thing in your life.

If you are feeling generous this March I would REALLY appreciate it if you could share the blog with a friend or 2 or head on over to my Instagram Page and give me a follow or a few likes. I could really use the help in getting the momentum for Dharma Rocks back up and running again as my Google Analytics currently resembles a roller-coaster with a continuous drop into despair. 

So, hello to Spring. This month I plan to update my blog weekly and FINALLY find the house of my dreams! So watch this space!!

What did you accomplish this February?


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