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Although I never want to treat this blog as a journal or diary, I have decided to add the odd ‘life updates’ every now and then so you can learn a little bit about me on my journey through this obstacle course we call ‘life’. I might write inspirational posts on how to better your life but that does NOT mean that I have everything figured out in my own life – HELL NO. I go through all the same shit you do and sometimes, I think its super helpful to be totally honest about all of it. I always want to be open and honest about everything.  Falling down is a part of life….you just have to make sure you get straight back up again and try again.

So basically August has been one hell of an unproductive month for me. I didn’t know why at first but I was just feeling this crippling anxiety when it came to doing ANYTHING productive. I have procrastinated, watched far too much Netflix, procrastinated some more, ate my weight in McDonalds and generally felt pretty shitty. 

Once I recognised that I was feeling this way I did some brain dumping to try and figure out what was causing it. You see, whenever we feel a certain way there are ALWAYS thoughts  behind the steering wheel that are leading you in the direction towards that feeling. Very often these thoughts are hidden in your subconscious mind but they are ALWAYS there…lurking. You just have to do some work on listening to your mind to figure out what they are. This practice has come in SO useful to my life and I will do a post on how to really listen to your mind very soon. Watch this space. 🙂

So anyway, I did some brain dumping and came to this general conclusion on my current situation: 

I’m stressed and have an overall feeling of ‘Meh’” 

Sarah’s Brain

That surprised me. So I broke that thought pattern down some more. 

Why am I stressed? WHAT is causing that feeling?

Well, work has been very busy, stuff was piling up and at the end of the workday I just DIDN’T have the motivation to do anything else productive other than flop on the sofa and veg and mope about. Side Note: You can always tell what my current mental state is like by the amount of unwashed mugs I collect in my bedroom. I think I recently had ALL the mugs in the house lined up on my bedside table. Whoops. Haha! 

And the ‘meh’ feeling I had turned out to be that I felt I didn’t have anything to look forward to. I was living the same old routine, day in and day out and I had nothing exciting planned to anticipate or get excited for. 

This crappy feeling was probably amplified by the fact that I was approaching the end of August where I had booked a fortnight off work to go on holiday abroad. The original plan was to go away for 2 weeks around my birthday with my boyfriend. 

We are not going abroad now as our main priority this year is to save enough money for a house deposit – which of course is MUCH more important than going to sun myself in Spain and you guessed it, prioritising your finances is key

So, I was feeling pants because I wasn’t going abroad? Wow. That subconscious gremlin is one selfish bitch. Once I finally figured out what thoughts were causing my feelings though, I felt so much better. Now I could take some action towards changing those thoughts into more positive ones.

I decided to keep my annual leave because, as I mentioned, work has been pretty busy and stressful recently and I really needed a mental break. I needed to slow down and catch  my breath a little. I really believe that the most important thing we can do for our motivation and productivity is to take a break and recharge our batteries every now and then. And so that is what I decided to do. Keep the holiday anyway. 

And to give myself a little something to look forward to, I have booked for us to spend the weekend at the end of August in Glastonbury for my birthday. I honestly don’t think there is anywhere better to top up my positive energy. I shall spend it window shopping for crystals, drinking real ale, listening to live music, feeling zen, walking the Tor and well…….probably window shopping for more crystals. 

After that little exercise of changing my negative mindset I now have a TOTALLY different perspective. I am now looking forward to my annual leave break and have absolutely everything to be grateful for. I have started taking time to get stuff done that I have been putting off and I am damn chuffed about it! 

I can even use the extra time I have blogging!!!

Speaking of which, a few people have started commenting on this blog to me now and that means SO much to me! So thank you to every singe one of you who reads this. I am still in shock to be honest as I didn’t expect anyone to actually read it, let alone come back and compliment me on it. So thank you again, it is SO appreciated!!! I have also started to take my Instagram and Socials a little more serious now and I would LOVE it if you could give me a follow on Instagram or just come and say hey. Just search for Dharma Rocks – (I haven’t figured out how to pin my Socials Buttons on here yet – I am a blogging newbie!) 

So that is it from me this month.

Remember, every action in your life stems from a feeling. And that feeling always comes from a thought. You can’t really change your thinking or the feelings you want to have until you take the time to understand WHAT you are thinking about and WHY. Once you understand that – you can change everything. 

Give this a practice yourself and CHANGE your mindset in September for the better. It totally works. 

How was your August? How have you felt through the month and what can you CHANGE that you are unhappy with? Drop me a comment below, i’d love to hear from you.


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    • Dharma Rocks

      I think its human to feel ‘meh’ every now and then. It’s the body’s way of telling us that something isn’t right and that it is time to change our attitude towards things. I hope you were able to try and find some of the underlying reasons for feeling unproductive – its so much easier to know what action to take when you know why you feel the way you do. 🙂 xDharma Rocksx

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