Buying Stuff WON’T Make You Happy. I Promise.

Money can’t buy you happiness.

The start of a new decade is the perfect time to reflect and look back on the things that have happened to us through our lives. 

Life is a roller-coaster. Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s scary. Sometimes it’s up. Sometimes it’s down. 

There are always so many things available to us. So many opportunities. So many lessons to learn. So much room to grow. 

We can take those opportunities and grow, or we can waste our lives with the same mundane routines.

The choice is yours.

The following blog posts are the top lessons I have learned along my journey to self-improvement so far.

I hope these lessons help you along your own path.

One: Stay Present

Two: Do What You Love. Every Day

THREE: Life Is Awesome On The Other Side Of Fear – Face Up To Your Fear NOW!!!

FOUR: Always Trust Your Gut Instinct. It Knows What Your Head Hasn’t Yet Figured Out

Have The Best Year

Buying Stuff WON’T Make You Happy. I Promise.

We often refuse to believe this lesson until we are able to experience it for ourselves. I know I struggled to understand it.

We often DREAM of winning the jackpot on the lottery. We firmly believe that if we won all that money, we would be truly happy and all our problems would be resolved. That is what you THINK anyway. So then, why do most lottery winners confirm that they were actually HAPPIER before the win?

It can be tough to imagine that, I know. It seems impossible, even.

But think about it this way……..

Have you ever had a health problem? Maybe a disease or a potentially life changing accident? Chances are that while trying to cope or fight with that problem you dreamt about how life USED to be before you got ill. You imagine how you would be truly HAPPY if the disease went away and your body returned to full health. In fact, if you were given just one wish, you would probably wish to be rid of the disease and have life go back to normal OVER a lottery win.

And then that problem goes away, life goes back to normal and you are thrilled.

For a while, anyway.

But it doesn’t take long for you to start taking your health for granted again.

You start smoking again.

You stop going to the gym.

You start binge eating everything in sight.

And before long, you start longing for that lotto win all over again.

Sound familiar?

Buying stuff won't make you happy

Maybe you dream of owning a sports car. You think of nothing for YEARS other than how happy and fulfilled you will feel when you get the car. It excites you and spurs you on to saving and saving your money.

And then you buy it. And it’s cool, for a while. Until it is just another thing that you own and it doesn’t feel much different to the old car you had before.

The same goes for plastic surgery, losing a shed ton of weight, bulking up, getting a tattoo, dying your hair bright blue etc.

Buy stuff won't make you happy

Now, firstly, I must say that I have absolutely NOTHING against going for your goals, getting rich, getting sexy or achieving something epic. Quite the opposite. I am all for it! Self-improvement all the way – woo hoo!

But it is important to remember throughout it all that once you reach that goal, you won’t be any happier overall.

Getting this stuff in your life has nothing to do with how happy you are in YOURSELF.

Material things can be taken away, lost or broken. But true happiness in yourself lasts forever and can never be taken away from you. And that happiness is built moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day. It is built by the WAY you live your life while you are working to reach these goals.

It’s the journey, not the destination.

And we can ALL have that happiness. No matter what our circumstances.

I have been reading a lot about the ego recently, and how it selfishly loves to cling onto material things. Money, appearance, status, social media follows, weight, etc. We use these mediums to compete with everyone around us. We do it to prove that we are “better” than everyone else. But the ego needs silencing, we need to shut that bugger up. The ego will only ever lead you astray if you allow it.

You will do much better to focus on daily happiness and building a meaningful life made up of small wins.

I have had to really work hard to remind myself of this daily as I am working to achieve my number one goal of owning a house this year. I will often feel stressed and frustrated trying to get there and have had thoughts such as “when I get the goal, this will all go away” but then I remind myself that it won’t.

Buying Stuff Won't Make You Happy

There will just be other stresses and distractions in my life, so I am much better off enjoying the journey, and living my best life along the way.

Have you ever bought something believing it will make you happy? How did you feel about it 6 months later? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

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