Break The Routine For Instant Happiness

Recently, I have been on a path to learn anything and everything about being happy and how to bring on happiness in my own life. It’s turning into somewhat of a hobby to be honest and it is honestly changing the way I perceive things in my life now. When I learn something new in the pursuit of happiness, I like to apply it to my own life as a test and see if it improves how I feel. 

If you haven’t gathered from my blog already, I LOVE Organisation and Routines. I thrive from them and I will say, they DO make me happy. 

BUT, I was really surprised to learn recently that shaking up your routine is actually the fastest way to getting that feeling of happiness. 

I got this surprising new discovery from a TED Talk on YouTube (where else?) and I was DETERMINED to prove the speaker wrong. After all – change just sends me into a spiral of stress, that is surely not going to make me feel any happier?

Here is the video that changed my perspective and made me set a few challenges for myself:

In the video above she explains how living in the same old routine can eventually make you feel like you are stuck in a rut. Even if you are not aware of it. It’s explained that doing new things causes the brain to wake up, gives it a new spark of life and releases ALL the feel good chemicals. Give it a watch – it’s super inspiring! 

Other studies show that people who do new things – travel, learn an instrument etc have a greater sense of well-being than people who stick to their normal comfort zones.

As someone who loves routine – this was hard for me to get my head around. 

So, I put it into practice and I almost hate to say this but……’s true!!

When I do something new (whether I want to or not) I usually love it and have an instant feeling of happiness and excitement.

My recent experience of going on a hot air balloon ride was exactly that. It was not something I had ever done before. The whole experience was exhilarating. My normal weekend evening routine would usually consist of either:

a) Netflix, JustEat Takeaway and PJ’s or;

b) Going “Out, Out”, Celebration, Gig, Date Night etc

Yet here I was, on a Saturday night, climbing (very ungracefully) into a giant wicker basket attached to a huge balloon that looked entirely unsafe. Fire and wicker? Seriously? Have you SEEN The Wicker Man?!?

View from Hot Air Balloon Ride over Stratford Upon Avon with Wickers World.

I was slightly uncomfortable to start with, fear of the unknown and all that. But once we lifted to the sky, I was filled with such excitement and a rush of positive adrenaline. The whole experience was amazing! A perfect memory for myself and my boyfriend to treasure that isn’t just the usual date night. 

So, the results are in. I admit defeat. Satisfaction comes from doing something new.

Picture from Hot Air Balloon Ride over Stratford Upon Avon with Wickers World.

I am going to try and incorporate something new into my Monthly/Weekly Plans. It doesn’t have to be something as big and expensive as a Hot Air Balloon Ride. It can be as simple as going to a new restaurant or walking in a new park.

Try it it out for yourself, i’d love to find out how it made you feel!


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