Bored? Things To Do During Lockdown

This lockdown is testing us to the limits! We thought we knew what being bored felt like – until we were all confined to our houses. Climbing the walls is an understatement.

With the warmer weather drawing in as we enter the strangest summertime we have ever experienced, we are all likely dreaming of beer gardens and flip flops.

But, until we get there, I have drawn up a list of exciting things to do during lockdown boredom that will keep your brain engaged until our poorly planet heals itself of this dreadful virus! The beauty of this lockdown is that we can take this time to fully immerse ourselves so deeply into something, that we forget about the horrors of the world out there! And, in doing so, you are keeping the virus from spreading. Win Win.

So, put aside your complaints for now. We have still got a few more weeks left to kill.

Things To Do During Lockdown – When There Is (Seemingly) Nothing To DO!

Be present


You don’t have to be an artist for this. You could try this out even if you have never done it before! You might find a hidden skill. Sketch something, draw, paint or do your very own ART ATTACK!


Write that book you have been thinking about for ages!!! Journal. Write short poems or lyrics to a new song. Write down your feelings each day. Keep a lockdown diary.


Ok, so admittedly this one is my own personal choice as I had been wanting to start a Blog for years. But if you have ever considered giving it a shot, now is the PERFECT time!! Already have a neglected Blog? Dig it back out and give it a new lease of life!


Write up a new budget and getting a savings plan in place ready for some guilt free fun once lockdown ends!!! Right now has never been a better time to save your cash!


Brainstorm ideas for when lockdown is lifted. Maybe a trip with friends or a holiday with your family. Start a ZOOM call with them and start making some exciting plans to look forward to!


This is one of my personal favorites. Pick out/make up outfits from your existing clothes using Pinterest for inspiration and then take photos and file them on your phone for future events/outings. You will never again be able to say you have nothing to wear!!! Remember to throw out clothes that don’t make you happy/feel good.


Get an adult colouring book. It’s so therapeutic. Trust me, a good colouring book, some fine tip pens, a large coffee and some trashy TV show is a little bit of heaven.


Don’t glare at me, hear me out! It can be really fun! Throw on some Classic Rock (or your personal choice if rock’n’roll is your noise pollution), grab a duster and get at it. You will actually have a lot of fun and be really thankful of doing it when you sit down to relax in a clean and tidy home at the end of the day. It burns calories too!!


The Secret, Planet Earth, Zeitgeist, What The Health, History Of The World In Two Hours and Minimalism are my personal recommendations.


That ‘thing’ you have been wanting to do/putting off for ages? Yeah – now you have no excuse.


Work your way through the IMDB list. Watch them ALL, even if you think they won’t interest you. You might be surprised.


Look up a yummy new recipe, create and enjoy. You might learn a new hidden skill!


Get your 10k steps in by listening to a long uplifting podcast on a walk, or simply enjoy the sounds of nature as you tap into your present world.

Walk for exercise
My FitBit helps me hit 10k steps per day!


Get to work on that 2020 Goal, Project or Resolution. Don’t know how? Break it down into smaller steps!


Learn a new language. No? Ever fancied playing the harmonica? Just me? What about learning to knit? Definitely not me!


There is literally no better time to meditate. If you are totally new to it,try out a guided meditation such as

Minfulness Meditation

Anxiety Releif Meditation

Deep Positivity – Law Of Attraction Meditation

You can also try Manifestation Meditation with Crystals and candles etc.

Meditation stress calm


You could try out a bold new look. Style your hair a new way and take some epic selfies. Because you never have time/you forget just before you go OUT OUT, now you are going nowhere, you have no excuse!


Discover new music. Especially new music in your local area so you can go out and support them live when they are allowed to play again. Find a cool new band? Give them a share and spread your new findings with others. We need to help the music industry more than ever right now!


Print out some of your dreams, goals or feel good vibes and create a mood board. Then place it somewhere you see it every day!


Indoor photography is a pretty cool thing! Capture a mood and get creative with your surroundings.


Catch up with friends on Social Media or have a FaceTime Party with your family. You could even use this time to connect with others on Social Media and maybe make a few new friends!


You remember how often you were researching something when you were supposed to be doing something else? Or how you never found the time to research something you wanted to. Well now is the time!! Brew yourself a big pot of coffee and get to work. Family Tree? Meditation? Global Warming? How to build a shed? Whatever it is, get cozy and research!


Come on, you KNOW you should be doing this every day right? Never stop moving your body!


Back up all your old photos. Clean and clear out your phone. Do you actually use all those apps?


Take an online class. There is no such thing as having too many skills.


Take an entire day to yourself. Put on some relaxing music, throw on a face mask, soak your feet, run a bubble bath, pour some wine and paint your nails. Ultimate relaxation.

Stress Management


You could complete like, how many games? Or – Mario Kart challenge anyone?


READ, READ and READ some more. Expand your mind or get lost in the minds of your favourite author.

If you decide to rock out anything on this list, I would REALLY appreciate it if you snap a picture and tag me on Instagram or FaceBook!

And feel free to add any of your own ideas in the comments below! I could use some new inspiration!

Stay safe everyone! And remember, we are all in this together!



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