Another Year Over……..And A New One Just Begun

HAPPY 2022!!!

Welcome to my site! Wow. I have wanted to start one of these for years and I finally decided the time was now. Why wait? The start of a new year is perfect!

Truth is, there is never a perfect time to start on something you want to do. When you want to do something you should just start it, now, straight away.

But if you are a manic OCD like me, it’s not always that easy. With me, I used to have to start at set times. Usually a Monday. Or the 1st of a new month or season.

But a New Year…… that is PERFECT!

Sod all the miserable gits that moan about the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ – you have the power to make 2022 your best year yet!

I know I certainly intend to!

This is literally my favourite time of the year. It soothes the soul. I just have so much creative energy at the start of a year. I feel super motivated and enthusiastic about making positive changes in my life and working towards exciting goals.

I have visions of a toned healthy body, more money than I can count and finding fulfillment in pursuing my goals.

However, we all know from experience that these feelings don’t last forever. Come to Springtime we are usually broke, feeling bored with life and stuffing our faces with everything that numbs the feeling of an uninspired life.

Because visions and dreams are not enough to get you to where you want to go.

You need a plan.

(Oh, I do love me a plan!)

So, here is what I am going to do. Feel free to copy me – let’s do this together!

Find out what is important

First of all, you are going to sit down and think about what is important to you.

Write a list of all the things you want from life, and then prioritise it. There will be plenty of things you want, but there will be very few things you are actually willing to work and sacrifice for.

A good way to do this is to look at goals or resolutions you have made in the past and you haven’t kept. *cough* giving up junk food *cough*

If you haven’t kept to them in the past, the truth is, you probably don’t really want it that bad and you are likely not to put in the required effort.

But, if you really DO want it, you have to take daily action towards it.

Next, when you have an idea of things that you really really REALLY want – write them down as GOALS.

List your goals

So now you’re sitting looking at a short list of goals. Hopefully, you didn’t make too many. It makes them easier to follow if you can count them on one hand.  I have 5 major goals I hope to achieve this year.

Make sure you keep this list somewhere you can read it regularly. In your handbag, your journal, above your bedroom mirror etc.

Just be better

It’s going to be practically impossible to achieve everything straight away, but you can always be better. And being that little bit better every day will eventually lead to achieving your goals without all the stress.

You might not be the healthiest person in the world, but you are going to be healthier than you were last year. You are going to be richer than you were last year. Etc

How do you do it? Baby steps! You are not going to suddenly become a size 6 overnight, but you can commit to swapping one bad meal a day for a healthy one, to eating a few extra pieces of fruit per week, and for swapping one bottle of beer for water each weekend.

You are not going to get amazing abs overnight, but you can commit to actually walking instead of taking the car and doing a few sit-ups while you watch an episode (or twenty) of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

You are not going to be the worlds richest person overnight, but you can commit to putting an extra £20 a month into your savings account, checking online for cheaper phone insurance and buying one less Pumpkin Spiced Latte with extra cream from Starbucks!

So forget the goal of “I am going to be healthy”. What does that even mean anyway? Instead, you are going to be healthier. Healthier than you have ever been. And how are you going to do it?

Small, manageable steps.

Long story short, you are going to be better. And with very little effort on your part.

Ready to make 2022 awesome?

What have you been putting off that you are going to smash on your goals list this year

Let’s start the journey. Together!


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