An Attitude Of Gratitude

I have totally stolen that title from somewhere, but I can’t for the life of me think where. If I remember, I will be sure to quote the genius behind it, because it sure as hell isn’t me!

A very good morning to you all! 🙂

As I am off work for a week, I can sit and do my blog of a morning, which is my favourite time to write.  In my eyes there is nothing better than sitting undisturbed on a quiet morning, mug of coffee in hand and a warm fluffy dressing gown to curl up in.

It makes me feel so happy to have these things in my life! So I decided to post about gratitude today, as this is a feeling I want you ALL to experience. Right now.

Gratitude is so much MORE than just forcing yourself to think about the good stuff in your life every now and then. There is more to it than just saying please and thank you when you are offered stuff. It’s more of an ATTITUDE that opens you up to be in flow with the universe. You can acquire this attitude from daily practice and it will stay with you during your everyday life.

You can do this practice at anytime during the day, but I think its most effective when done first thing in the morning. It really is impossible to have a bad day when you have started it off with a practice of gratitude.

So, how do you incorporate this practice into your day?

If you are someone that prefers a prompt or guidance for these practices, there are loads of mindful journals you can buy online that will walk you through it.

I use The Daily Greatness Journal and I absolutely LOVE it. I take it with me whenever I travel so that I can use it every morning. It prompts you to note down things you are grateful for each morning and at the end of the day, reminds you to record all the wonderful things that happened.

While The Daily Greatness Journal is a little on the pricey side, you can find similar journals that just focus on gratitude and are much more wallet friendly. The Five Minute Journal comes HIGHLY recommended and at less than £5 is cheap as chips.

If you don’t want to invest in a journal, a simple notepad will do!

I practice gratitude every single morning after I have done some meditation. You could do it curled up with your morning coffee, waiting for your breakfast to cook or reflect and repeat it to yourself while in the shower. Hell, you could even do it sat on the toilet! (no ones judging here)

All you have to do is write down or repeat to yourself THREE things you are grateful for.

This morning I said:

“I am grateful for all the beautiful presents I received for my birthday. (And the Creamy Caramel Sea Salt Chocolates my brother brought me are getting demolished with my coffee right now)”

“I am grateful for my morning coffee.”

” I am grateful for my friends and family.”

Gratitude for the gifts I received for my birthday.
SMUG Moment: The Beautiful Gifts I Received For My Birthday.

You might think that some of those things sound a bit silly, but trust me, you would miss them if you didn’t have them…….especially the coffee haha.

I promise you will feel amazing when you get into the habit of this. It may take a few days to really convince your brain to focus on the practice, but once you are in the habit of this it will totally change your perspective and really help you out during those inevitable bad days. Instead of focusing on all the utter shite that happened that day (which, for the most part probably wasn’t REALLY as bad as you invented it to be) you will put things into perspective and focus on all the amazing things you already have in your life that usually get taken for granted.

Whatever you focus on, you will attract more of. So stop focusing on all the shit.

So, I encourage you to ask yourself this EVERY morning:

“What am I grateful for?”

Pick out three things that you are thankful for, right now.

I would love to know what you have come up with so please leave me a comment or follow me on Instagram with things you are grateful for today!

Have an AWESOME day!


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