Why You Need To Stop Comparing Yourself To Others.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Since starting this blog, it’s been difficult to come up with what to blog about. When I look at other blogs all I see are super HD photos of beautiful girls on a white sandy beach or fantastically prepared Vegan meals (which explain their amazing beach bodies, right?).

Looking at all that, I started to feel like I wasn’t good enough. I thought, “why am I even doing this?”.

I do the same thing when I want to post on Instagram. I spend hours scrolling through images of perfect bodies, amazing outfits, fantastic holidays and people achieving fantastic things and I am left feeling like that slug again. Suddenly, that image I wanted to post of my new meditation journal seems to pale in comparison.

I compare with what is popular and “on trend” and suddenly feel the need to post a picture of an overpriced Latte from Starbucks instead! (with extra cream for fanciness) It is such a shame that I should feel that way over posting a picture of something that interests me, gets me hyped up or improves my life.

This isn’t who I want to be. It’s NOT who I am. But I can’t help but compare nonetheless.

Here I am, sat in my grubby dressing gown that has gone far too long without a wash, the remnants of last nights makeup, knotted hair and suddenly the feeling that I am doing something very wrong with my life. And why? Because all the girls I am looking at are looking gorgeous, traveling somewhere exotic or showing off some latest feat or purchase.


Before I know it I am feeling totally unworthy. Totally rubbish. Totally sluglike.  

And then the negative thoughts start…..

“I don’t want to wear my new hat when I next go out, because people will think I am trying too hard”.

“I don’t want to write a blog post because it will be boring”.

“I don’t want to post on Instagram because my photos are rubbish”.

Before I was even aware, I had gone from feeling surges of excitement at the prospect of having a blog and being creative to feeling like a total joke.

Nothing REAL had caused this fake reality. Nothing. Except for the personal poison I fed into my mind. The poison of comparison.  

So, to attempt to fight this feeling, I am posting today.

It’s 6.30pm and I am still wearing my grubby dressing gown. In fact, total honesty time….I am wearing it OVER my work uniform! (What, it was cold?) I still have my shoes on! I have just eaten 2 Cadbury Mini Rolls, my hair is a frizzy mess and I have no idea what I am going to find for tea that is even remotely healthy, let alone Instagram worthy! Oh – and my underwear doesn’t match!

But this FAKE reality I try to create? Well…….

My Instagram will tell you that I have had a wonderful coffee in a cute little cafe today (I went about 2 weeks ago) and that I am feeling chill, without a care in the world. You would have no idea that I actually just grabbed a quick sausage roll from Greggs because I had to run into town on my lunch and got completely soaked (hence the frizzy hair!).

We only post the highlights.

So, it’s so SO important that we remember that the pictures we see are NOT current reality. People tend to post the highlights of life and that is OK. Why wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t want to post the low’s when you can show off your high times. We just HAVE to remember that and try not to compare ourselves to it. We should be happy for others when they show their accomplishments but always remember not to compare with them. We should also remember to be grateful for our own lives and what we have to share with the world.  

Stop comparing yourself to others

Anything that makes you happy, brings joy to your life or you are super grateful for is amazing in itself. We should not feel the need to be perfect, fake or copy an image in order to prove to the world that we are happy and living our best life. If we are sharing what is REAL to us then we will naturally show our happy journey, without effort.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

So show your true colours today. Post photos of your family, your best friend, your pets or your McDonalds Happy Meal (when you feel you have really deserved it). Be true to yourself and if it makes you smile, great! Post it!

Right, now that I have got that message off my chest – I am off to post that Insta Picture of my Meditation Journal.  

What pictures make your heart smile? Post them on Insta or FaceBook with hashtag #iloveitsoipostit and I will come and give it some love. 🙂


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  1. Jenny in Neverland

    Great post, as always. And definitely given me something to think about. I think comparison is human nature but we need to know when to draw the line before it goes too far and seriously impacts our mental health xxx

  2. Nedra

    I really enjoyed this post. By following influencers too much, it could undoubtedly cause undue stress. We have to realize that this is how they make their living. 

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