8 Ways To Live Your BEST Life Every Day


In my August recap entry I talked about how I was feeling negativity around the day to day grind and how I had to do some mental shifting in perspective to change that view. I have certainly been guilty of plodding through each day without really taking the time to live. To-do list after to-do list my days can pass me by without really taking the time to enjoy myself. So recently, I have been making more of a conscious effort to make sure that I am living life to the fullest where possible – and I am going to show you how I have been doing that.


Life seems to get harder the older we get, right? Wrong. Only because we let it. No matter what your age, you can still be young at heart. There is actually evidence to suggest that the age you FEEL is actually the age you REFLECT to the world – the age you really are! Do you feel like you are not enjoying your life as much as you could? Do you think its too late? If so, it is time to start finding joy in every day!

It is never too late to start embracing life and enjoying the present.


Being the overly organised person that I am, I am always planning. Planning what to do tomorrow, planning what to eat tomorrow, planning what to wear next week etc etc. I am always planning for and anticipating the future. My mind always seems to be ten steps ahead and yes, that can be as exhausting as it sounds.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe it’s important to prepare for the future, but I realised that I was so busy planning that I wasn’t enjoying my present. I was trying to build this “perfect life” and never actually getting to live it.

One day I realised – if I didn’t learn to enjoy the present, I would never be able to enjoy the future when it arrived.

I now realise that it is possible to prepare for a better future while STILL enjoying the present day.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have to remind myself about this EVERY day but I am getting better at it. I have started to be a little more spontaneous and have some fun embracing life.

So have some fun and smile…….


1. Be Kind To The World

Don’t get me wrong, I believe that it is SO important to look after yourself first and always work to improve yourself on a daily basis. I mean, that is what this blog is all about. But it is also important to be aware of the world around you and to be kind to it, always. Whether that means going all out and taking some time to volunteer for a local charity, scheduling in spending some quality time with friends and family, or something as simple as taking time to always throw your rubbish in the bin instead of chucking it on the floor or leaving it on the table in McDonalds (guilty habit of mine). You could strike up a conversation with the old lady waiting in line to buy her 10 million biscuits in Tesco. You MIGHT be the only person who has spoken to her in a week and it could make her day! (She might even give you some of those biscuits as a thank you – as I am convinced old people only buy biscuits in the hope they can give them away to other people!). If you are not quite confident enough to start conversations with people (yet!) then maybe you could just smile at them when passing or help someone who looks like they need it! There are endless ways you can show kindness and compassion in your everyday life. It will make YOU feel better when you do it and eventually, the universe will reward you, gloriously.

2. Get Stress Free

Find ways to reduce anxiety and stress in your life. Stress is the BIGGEST happiness vampire – it sucks the joy right out of you and seeks to control your life. The good news is that it CAN be managed. I am living proof of this as I identify as the biggest stress head on the planet! I will be posting up an entry on how stress can be managed very soon!

3. Eliminate Fear

Until recently, I used to allow fear to control my life. Seriously, I wasted YEARS of my life shying away from SO MANY things I wanted to do. Because I was scared. Because I might fail. Because it would be uncomfortable. Because someone might laugh at me. I posted that famous quote – “feel the fear and do it anyway” on my phone screen to remind myself every day that fear will always try to stop me. And you know what? From FORCING myself to do things I fear, I am starting to experience all the things I have missed out on. Fear will ruin your life if you let it. Don’t allow it to hold you back. Just do it. Start by trying to do one new thing every week that scares you. Big or small, just dive in and do it. I guarantee you will feel so energised afterwards and week by week you will be building a stronger, more confident you.

4. Do Something You Love

At the end of the day, life is to be enjoyed. Find the time in your day to do something you love. In my own life I try to write every day. Whether that is for this blog or just in one of my 10 million journals (no, really – Pretty sure I have that many!). I try to do it daily because I love it. If you haven’t found your “thing” yet, you could try out a few new activities until something “clicks” with you. It could be cooking, photography, football, dancing, painting or, I dunno, extreme knitting! Check out this list for some inspiring ideas: https://www.buzzfeed.com/augustafalletta/hell-yeah-hobbies-for-adults. Whatever it is, make sure you prioritise it and schedule it into your day

5. Smile

Smile. Every day. Fake it until you make it, I say. You might not be in the happiest of moods right now, but there is evidence to suggest that simply the action of smiling can trick your brain into thinking you are happy. Smile at everyone. Smile at strangers – It feels amazing when they smile back. When people meet me they ALWAYS comment on how “happy & smiley” I always appear. This is the reason, folks! It’s because I DECIDED to smile. It’s because we ALWAYS have a choice and I would much rather smile and have a positive effect on others than walk around looking like a moody sod.

6. Don’t Wait. Take Action, Now.

Don’t hold yourself back from doing what you want to do. Whatever it is. No matter what, there is no better time than now. Just do it – have some fun, take some risks. You might not be here tomorrow. And if you fail, you just learnt how “not to do it” next time. Genius

7. Throw Away Your Grudges And Forgive Yourself

Honestly, this was probably the hardest one for me. I thought I would take my grudges to the grave and then haunt or possibly possess those who had wronged me in life. Haha. I have been slowly learning how to release that, and it feels great! Don’t get me wrong, I am not 100% free just yet, but I now take all responsibility for all my past situations and work through them myself with self care and reflection. Holding grudges for others is like drinking poison yourself and expecting them to die. If someone has wronged you, it’s on them, it is for them to deal with. Forgive them and move on with YOUR life. Karma will come and kick their ass at some point anyway, the Universe has your back!

8. Don’t Doubt Yourself

You can achieve ANYTHING you put your mind to in this life. If you want it bad enough and you put in the work to make it happen, you WILL achieve it.

How can I afford to live my best life?

Money isn’t everything, there are so many totally free ways to enjoy your best life. Notice how pretty much every single point above is free? But money does help and if you need a little help managing your cash to help you live your best life, click HERE.

The best things in life are free, so enjoy those things and smile.


Photo One by SK Photography, for dharmarocks.co.uk. Photo #2 taken by my good friend, while we were enjoying a day of Cocktails! 🙂

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