Monthly Archives: April 2022

March 2022 Update

I had a really enjoyable month throughout March.

It has literally taken me nearly another month to post about it but I have been in such a funk recently I just haven’t felt motivated to do much of anything.

But in March we did go on holiday to South Devon and it was lovely. We stopped in a nice little lodge (well, caravan) with a hot tub in a beautiful site called Finlake and we honestly had the best time. It was exactly what we both needed I think.

I also finally managed to get my Wardrobe room sorted after IKEA massively screwed up our home delivery. But it is all in place now and I am so proud to have such a big spacious wardrobe for all my clothes.

I have spent most of my life with everything shoved into a small space so it feels really nice.

Anyway, I don’t really have the time or energy to post in here at the moment. I guess I am just working hard to keep the blog semi alive. Haha