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Life Updates! February 2022

Well, it has been a rather odd month in my life this February. It did start off with me feeling very productive and I was spending my time checking everything off the to-do list and feeling full of motivation.

And then I hit a few personal set-backs. My day to day routines were disrupted and left me at a bit of a loss. I felt massively unmotivated and, as a result, I just let most things slide and focused totally on myself, which is important. Of course, I also spent the time watching endless YouTube videos. We have all been there, right?

I felt properly unwell and fatigued all the time, and everything was a bit cack. Floors went uncleaned and blog posts went unwritten. Frankly, I was stuck in one hell of a funk! And I am still feeling a bit stuck if I am honest. But I have finally found a path out of it, so I will wait and see where it leads me. 

One thing I did do, which did make me feel like I was making some progress, was to design, create and order my new wardrobe room and clean and paint my room in preparation for it which I had been putting off since we bought the house – so YAY for that. 

So I guess with this update I just wanted to say that sorting your life out isn’t always about getting loads of things done. Sometimes it is about looking after number one – because that is what you need at that moment.  Your physical and mental wellbeing is way more important than the pile of laundry that will still be there tomorrow. 

So, goodbye February and winter 2022, and bring on March.

Life Updates! January 2022

I have to say, this month was lightning fast. Before I could even register what week we were in, it was the end of the month. Although, at the same time, it has also felt incredibly long going. It was quite a productive month in some areas, likely because it is January so I am still full of the inspiration that a new year brings.

In the past, I have recognized that I try to make progress on too many different things at once, instead of really focusing on one thing at a time and making great progress there. So this month I was determined to first concentrate on just one thing – and it was my health.  Because life ain’t much of a party without that, is it?

Right from the very start (as I mentioned in my previous post) I wanted to focus on getting a bit of exercise into each day which, I am very chuffed to say, I did. At least for the first 3 weeks of the year anyway. I joined the Couch to 5k and immediately started on that 3 times per week which I found really enjoyable. I did some of the classic Joe Wicks workouts and other times it was just some strength training videos taken from YouTube. Whatever I did, I was consistent with it and I considered it a win! 

The most significant progress though was with my health condition.  I have long been battling with Urinary Retention and all the problems that come from dealing with that and have been utterly miserable about it for the last few years because the Covid-19 Pandemic resulted in constant medical appointment delays or cancellations. So I decided to roll my sleeves up and put it as my main priority focus this January and demanded of myself that I made some positive progress in this area – even if it meant I had to be a total Karen while pestering the medical professionals.

So I made a few urgent phone calls to a few important people and eventually got the results I was looking for and an urgent operation was booked for me for the last week of Jan. Win win (and also yikes for the sudden onset of fear about having the op).

But I think it went well. It’s hard for me to tell at the moment because I am still recovering at home with an ever-delightful urinary catheter attached to my leg but I am remaining optimistic. Just a few days ago I could barely get out of bed. But I am feeling a lot better now. I have suffered from this problem for over 20 years now and I still don’t have a diagnosis BUT I am getting closer and closer.  Chronic illness is physically, mentally and emotionally draining and the last year has knocked me on my arse.  But there is a light at the end of this long tunnel and I am going to keep pushing towards it.

There is still a mountain of work to be done before I can consider myself fixed in that regard, but I have made very significant progress. Amazing what you can do when you just DECIDE to get something sorted and just DO IT. 

A work in progress……

Next month I have some holiday booked from work and I aim to focus on enjoying myself but also working on decluttering and getting the house decorated as that project has been on hold for waaaaaaay too long now. 

I also plan to spend some more time on developing this blog, so stay tuned for a post on the simple way I managed to exercise nearly every single day in January and on the big decluttering challenge I am going to be undertaking soon. 

Until then, please tell me……

What went well for you in January?